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Possible Conflux Images

Here possibly are two new (spoiler) images from Conflux, the second set in MTG's Shards of Alara block.

These are scooped from the 'Colors' section of the 'Multiverse' Wizards page.

First up . . .

Mr. Nasty filagree cloud guy. A blue-centric Esper critter. Could it be possible to have an artifact avatar ? Perhaps an Elemental ? Not exactly certain how an Sage-Artificer would have an avatar creature sit still long enough to get their etherium infusion at the Esper spa.

Second . . .

It's a Drake. Armoured with a spiked tail. Another blue-based critter. This image suggest that a Bant armourer went to town to outfit this lesser dragon.

Although these may be either alternate art pieces or from less-circulated cards, I really do not recognise them so I will assume Conflux unless otherwise informed.

Please drop me a line if you know what these may be.


Anonymous said...

The first image is from Dissension's WINDREAVER. Can't imagine it being used in Conflux

Anonymous said...

That first piece of artwork is actually "Windreaver" from Dissension in the Ravnica block...never seen the 2nd piece of artwork.

Anonymous said...

The first picture is from Dissension unfortunately. Its a b/w elemental called Windreaver.

Anonymous said...

The drake artwork was an unused artwork from Tenth Edition.