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Conflux Spoiler 5

Ron Vitale aka the familiar podcast voice over The Magic Sock has a special hi-res picture of Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker received from Wizards of the Coast as a teaser / trailer for the new Conflux set to be released in January 2009.

- Nicol Bolas -

Wizards of the Coast Public Relations arranged with Mr. Sock to have this hosted on his site for Thursday. I am very glad this all worked out - MTG fans are goo-goo about this absolutely awesome piece of artwork.

If someone from WoTC Public Relations is reading this, please send me a spoiler invitation . . . This blog gets close to 30,000 visitors per month - - I promise to be a good Blogger and follow your directions (!).

Anywho - Let's digest this beautiful piece of art -

Nicol Bolas is being all awesome here - regal even. And Yes - those are a flock of Dragons in the sky behind him. I will figure that the enigmatic egg-like disk between his horns are similar to what we have seen with Battlegrace Angel and Rhox War-Monk (aka pancake-flipper) . . . these are thought to be pieces of mana-energy. I should think that Mr. Doug Beyer would know for certain.

Again - thanks Wizards and Ron (Hope your daughter gets better soon).


Anonymous said...

I thought it was just a rumor but I guess it's true.

Anonymous said...

The things around Battlegrace Angel and Rhox War-Monk are sigils. I think its different from the egg thing on Nicol Bolas.