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Conflux Wallpaper

Today, Wizards had provided us with a very cool Conflux desktop wallpaper. This art is to be used on the Conflux Fat-Packs which will be hitting the shelves in your local gaming store early in February.

The wallpaper shows us the legendary Nicol Bolas doing battle with the four Alara Planeswalkers - Tezzeret, Ajani Vengeant, Sarkhan Vol and Elspeth. These neo-Planeswalkers are joined together in a common cause of defating Nicol Bolas.

What is interesting about this is that one would have expected the dragon-loving Sarkhan to side with Nicol or at the very least, to be sitting on the sidelines in this conflict. Perhaps Sarkhan likes Jund just the way it is and has no great desire to have the Shards come together. Not sure if his Jund dragon buddies feel the same way about this however - I'm certain that Nicol would have made a solid argument about the vast abundance of prey on the other Shards to these Jund denizens. Just imagine - skinny Goblin or exotic Leotau for dinner ?

The only disapointment I have is that we just caught the Nicol Bolas artwork just yesterday.


james said...

word. i'm feeling sympathetic toward nicol bolas. maybe the guy just wants to fix a mistake he made 10,000 years ago or something. lol.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing about Sarkhan Vol. Perhaps Wizards just wanted the art to look cool and decided to pit the Planeswalkers against Nicol Bolas.

Anonymous said...

This Wallpaper makes the rumors of a second planeswalker in the conflux block unlikely.

Someone mentioned that "Rakka Mar", also a card name in the spoiler, was quoted in about 4 alara cards in the flavor text and this could be seen as a sign that the card would be a (BR) planeswalker too...

It would have made a nice symetrie if bolas were to be BU...

Anonymous said...

you should try to find (if you can) the artworks of conflux that were spoiled at the worlds yesterday. 10 nice pieces with names. A vampire in jund, a paladin in naya and so on :D man I can't wait.. :D