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Conflux Spoiler 6

We have for some some more spoiler goodness, this time from the 2008 Magic: The Gathering World Championships held this past weekend in Memphis, Tennessee.

The ubiquitous Brian David-Marshall from WoTC in a post from Friday provided a sneak peak in the form of a 'match the art to the name' quiz. The revealed answers are as follows . . .

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
1) Apocalypse Hydra
2) Kederekt parasite
3) Paragon of Ameshia
3) Blood Tyrant
5) Vectis Agents

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

6) Banefire
7) Mirror-sigil Sergent
8) Suicidal Charge
9) Magister sphinx
10) Beacon Behemoth

It was noted that
Mirror-sigil Sergent also has a new mechanic.

Paladin21 from the boards attended the recent World Championships and had this to share with us with regards to what Aaron Forsythe and Matt Place had discussed with attendees about the future set and edition releases.
  • Eleventh Edition Core Set will be black bordered, as will all core sets going forward.
  • Unfortunately, Eleventh Edition Core Set selection / voting will not be open to players.
  • Matt Place indicated to Paladin21 after the official show that Conflux had some cards in it to "fix" faeries and allow the metagame to grow. No additional details.
  • Eleventh Edition Core Set is confirmed to have Mythic Rares with the possibility of incuding Planeswalkers.
  • An alternate art foil Garruk Wildspeak may be made available to players who purchase the new XBox Live Arcade Duels of the Planeswalkers game. It is beleived that Wizards mail this puppy out to you after registration / proof of purchase.


Anonymous said...

Great reporting! I'm glad they have cards in Conflux to fight against Faeries.

Anonymous said...

I think the hydra is progenitus (the rumoured large hydra god which sleeps under naya)

The Magic Man said...

not too many of these cards are exciting imo