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Magic Origins Spoiler 5-27

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Some rather exciting news out today regarding the next (and last) Magic: the Gathering core set, named 'Magic Origins' to be released 11th July 2015.  Specifically, a partial card image obtained by Redditor 'Pewpasaurus' was posted showing the foil rare for the Magic Origin Intro Pack.  Image appears to have been snapped from a yet-to-be-published distributor's catalogue. Let's have a looky-loo now !

Hixus, Prison Warden, 3WW
Legendary Creature - Human Soldier, Rare
Whenever a creature deals combat damage to you, if Hixus, Prison Warden entered the battlefield this turn, exile that creature until Hixus leaves the battlefield.


Interesting Oblivion Ring on a stick and what we are certainly more interested in is the power / toughness which was cut off in the product page layout.  

We've seen this Hixus before in the Duels of the Planeswalkers Magic Origins video - 

That text - 
"Four years under the guidance of Hixus has shaped you into a powerful combat mage.  Hixus believes your natural talent for wielding magic bellies something special about you.  He suspects that - like his own mentor - you may be a Planeswalker."

Wrapping up - some additional 411 from the mothersite about Magic Origins to get hyped with - 

Magic: The Gathering: Origins is a set that explores what it means to start out on a magical journey, and how people change as they progress through their lives. It focuses on five of Magic’s most prominent characters, letting players explore their backstories and transformations as they became Planeswalkers.
Magic: The Gathering: Origins also plants the seed for Magic’s future storylines, allowing players an insider’s glimpse of what is to come. This set serves as the prologue for some epic stories, and it’s your chance to be there at the start of it all! 



Tumblr Tuesday

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

We hope all had a great weekend, and to our cousins to the south, a pleasant memorial day weekend.  The big ticket event this weekend was of course Modern Masters 2015 release.  If you took in a local event or played in one of the large grand prix events, chances are much fun was had.

Anywhoos, for today's post, we wanted to catch up with our sister site, MTG Realm on Tumblr, so strap in and let's go -
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Magic: the Gathering - Ugin Cosplay
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon cosplay at Anime North 2015.

Absolutely wonderful work by Cat Ward - moar pics here.
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Magic: the Gathering - SCG Playmat

Most MTG players already know that popular (and much meme’d) card and card art Tasigur, the Golden Fang illustrated by Chris Rahn.  What you may not know is that StarCityGames has another witty playmat which parodies that former Sultai Khan.  Check out the awesome kitteh illustration from ALRadeck for the StarCityGames Open Series.  Say meow to Tasipurr the Golden Paw which I’ve understood is to be available during SCG Season Three to event participants.
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Magic: the Gathering - CF Ranked
The Power Rankings on Channel Fireball has always been a fairly accurate representation of what is on the tables at my local Friday Night Magic event.

Interesting comments on Den Protector which I think is spot on.  Not to gush here but I liked the card when it first came out and picked these up when it was going for under $2.  Now these fetch around the $10 mark.   : )
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Magic: the Gathering - Jewels
Wizards of the Coast produced these very limited (non-precious) pendants back in 2007 after the iconic Moxes (or moxen) and called it the Jewels Series which consisted of one boxed set of the following -
* Mox Jet Necklace
* Mox Pearl Necklace
* Mox Ruby Necklace
* Mox Emerald Necklace
* Mox Sapphire Necklace

If you have this complete still-in-the-box set, collecting dust on your shelf, you can sell it for approximately $600+ today.
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Magic: the Gathering - Cardboard Clad

This is Jose Raul Megias Iglesias.

He is the big cheese at gaming store El bazar de Iglesias in Granada, Spain.

He literally breathes, sweats, and wears MTG cards (and duel decks!) and is most relaxed in direct contact with them.  


Famous 2-Drop

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

There is a rather interesting discussion going down on Reddit's MagicTCG.  Specifically, NinjaFerret4-5 asked 'What's the Best Two Drop of All Time?' which spurred a discussion with over 300 replys in just under 18 hours.

Here was a description and qualifier - 
Famous two drops have long defined Magic; everything from [[Wild Mongrel]] to [[Arcbound Ravager]] to [[Meddling Mage]]. However, a general consensus has formed over the 4 best ones. I am talking about Snapcaster Mage, Stoneforge Mystic, Tarmogoyf, and Dark Confidant, with the red version of the cycle sometimes [[Young Pyromancer]]. However, what does Reddit think is the best of the 4(5)? Does Reddit think Young Pyromancer deserves a spot in the Two Drop Hall of Fame?

EDIT: I meant two drop creatures. Yes, we all know that "creatures suck" but comparing Tarmogoyf to a Time Walk is like comparing a Fiat to a Lamborghini. One costs much less, but you will almost always want the other and the other is considered much more powerful.
When we just started out playing shortly after Lorwyn was released, we had often used the community rating on Gatherer (while it was still working !WotC!), as sort of a rough compass to determine a specific card's comparative playability in the format.  

Yeah - we were young and rather uninformed.  For giggles, we did the very same sort on Gatherer for 2 CMC critters (apparently there is about 1,391 of 'em) sorted to community rating - here is the absolute rubbish we got back - 

There was some really great discussion going on with very little nonsensical silliness which sometimes adds cholesterol to the read.  We suggest you read the post and pipe in.  Here are a few decent inputs -



Thalia Tiny Leader

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

As you may know, one member of the MTG Realm playgroup (CopySix) has a serious thingy for all things white weenie, so it comes as little surprise that he has developed a Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Tiny Leader decklist.  It is not entirely tuned / complete but seems to promise fun games.  Strap on in and let's have a look at this particular budget friendly build which should run you about $35 or so.

Taxing non-creature spells an extra 1 colorless is good against the metagame.  Thalia is a Human Soldier and may be a natural fit in a mono-white 'weenie' build featuring mostly creature spells.

Anthem effects to be had with Veteran Armorsmith, Field Marshal, Adaptive Automaton, Veteran Swordsmith, Honor of the Pure, Shared Triumph, Glorious Anthem with pseduo-anthem effect to be had with Accorder Paladin's 'Battle cry' ability.  Additional effect with Mobilization provides your soldiers with vigilance.  Evasion via flying provided by Cavalry Pegasus to all of the 16 or so humans found in the list.

Token Producers : Mobilization, Spirit Bonds and Precinct Captain.

Control / Removal allowance : Bonds of Faith (doubles as an pumped aura), Fiend Hunter and Banisher Priest.

Other notes:
Recursion via Order of Whiteclay
Card draw via Mentor of the Meek
Frontline Medic saves from boardwipes or messes with 'X' spells.
Four pieces of equipment tailored to Humans or Soldiers.


    Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

Creature (19)

    1x Accorder Paladin
    1x Adaptive Automaton
    1x Archetype of Courage
    1x Ballynock Cohort
    1x Banisher Priest
    1x Boros Elite
    1x Cavalry Pegasus
    1x Champion of the Parish
    1x Field Marshal
    1x Fiend Hunter
    1x Fiendslayer Paladin
    1x Frontline Medic
    1x Gideon's Avenger
    1x Mentor of the Meek
    1x Mirran Crusader
    1x Order of Whiteclay
    1x Precinct Captain
    1x Veteran Armorsmith
    1x Veteran Swordsmith

Enchantment (6)

    1x Bonds of Faith
    1x Glorious Anthem
    1x Honor of the Pure
    1x Mobilization
    1x Shared Triumph
    1x Spirit Bonds

Artifact (4)

    1x Butcher's Cleaver
    1x Sharpened Pitchfork
    1x Silver-Inlaid Dagger
    1x Veteran's Armaments

Instant (2)

    1x Brave the Elements
    1x Emerge Unscathed

Land (18)

    1x Daru Encampment
    1x Forbidding Watchtower
    16x Plains



BCW Z-Folio

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

As it is Friday, make to to pop around to your local gamery shoppe to take in Friday Night Magic event.  We'll try to get out to our favourite store, OMG! Games here in Barrie and hopefully be crowned FNM Hero.  Not certain of tonight's turnout as here in Canada-Land, we are moving into the long weekend which means many are moving at turtle-speed up congested highways to get to the cottage or camp out.

Anywhoos, today we wanted to hatter about the latest innovation in TCG storage with the 4-Up Folio.  These storage / trade binders contain pages with four card slots down or across.  The Z-Folio LX 12-Pocket from BCW Supplies has 20 12-pocket pages for a 480 card capacity and features side-loading pockets and a wrap-around zipper for great security.  Available in your favourite colour of mana.  Here's a short 1.5 minute video going over the features -

With the BCW Supplies Z-Folio LX design one can see all four of your standard-constructed deck sets displayed.  Personally, we are happy to tuck our four-of's within the same pocket but we think we are the minority in this regard.  Very robust / sturdy construction.  Rather like the wrap-around zipper for security as well as the nice padded covering material which promises to take melted pizza cheese and clean off nicely. Be aware that this measures in at approximately 14" (35.5 cm) by 13" (33 cm) so make allowances for this if you are porting this to a tourney in your back-pack.  The important thingy to note is that the Z-Folio LX will take your sleeved cards which make
deployment of your cardboard awesomeness very rapid.



MTG Wallpaper Wednesday

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Before we slide into today's article, some quick Magic: the Gathering news items -

• Check out today's Uncharted Realms article from James Wyatt featuring our fav PW Nahiri (love the character but not necessarily that card).  :(

• August's Friday Night Magic Promo is announced as Serum Visions with great art from Dan Scott.  Digital trolls scry your innocence to the bottom of the library by adding a brazzers logo.  (those dirty little monkeys!)

Modern Masters 2015 Edition Release Notes went up yesterday.  We suggest you skim through this should you be planning on attending one of the big events.  If you are suffering from insomnia, then we are happy to report that the release notes weigh in at around 16,000 words.

• Want some lulz and other engaging MTG-releated frivolity?  Then pop on over to MTG Realm on Tumblr.

• Lastly, one of our fav WotC staffers, Helene Bergeot announced a new 'i-payout' system for those players collecting winnings at the large premier play events.

Righto, back on track now.
Need to pimp that drab-looking background on your machine ?  Then look no further than the mothersite, where each Wednesday, a new Magic: the Gathering illustration is posted in a variety of sizes for your particular resolution of choice.  Quite specifically the following -

• 2560x1600
• 1920x1080
• 1280x960
• Mobile
• Tablet
• Facebook

Some of the recent Magic: the Gathering Wallpaper offerings -

Dragonlord Dromoka (Dragons of Tarkir), By Eric Deschamps

Vendilion Clique(Modern Masters 2015 Edition), By Willian Murai

Dragonlord Silumgar (Dragons of Tarkir), By Steven Belledin

Dragonlord Kolaghan (Dragons of Tarkir), By Jaime Jones

Dragonlord Ojutai (Dragons of Tarkir), By Chase Stone

Dragonlord Atarka (Dragons of Tarkir), By Karl Kopinski 



Modern Masters 2015 Sealed

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

With Modern Masters 2015 release weekend simultaneously taking place soon on 28th to 31st May in large Grand Prix tournaments in Las Vegas, Chiba, Japan and Utrecht as well as your favourite local gaming store (like ours - OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario), one should start preparing now for this.  Try out a sealed pool generator to train yerself up - info below.

The overwhelming format of choice for these events are Modern Masters 2015 Sealed in which you will receive 6 packs of Modern Masters, make a 40 card deck out of them and then battle.  There are a lot of other variants and we've even heard of a store that will add one more sealed pack that you can use in your build with each match one (we of course can't find where we've seen it now).  Anywhoos, here are some tips - VERY GENERALLY SPEAKING -

MANA : Depending upon your pool, have 22 to 23 spells with 17 to 18 lands.

MANA COLOUR : Typically two-coloured builds are the norm with one-colour and three-colour being sometimes rarely possible if your pool is good.  If you go 4 or 5 colours, you are crazy or more brave than us.

BOMB : Have at least one or two bombs which have the potential to win you the game.

CURVE : Try to keep 5+ Converted Mana Cost (CMC) to no more than 4 or 5 with the remainder gradually increasing to 2 CMC.  Avoid 1-drop creatures without an ability unless it is required for acceleration, combat tricks, or removal.

SNEAKING DAMAGE : If you have evasion on your creature (flying / unblockable) this would typically make the cut.  Similarly, if you have a cheap spell that does this, give it consideration.

REMOVAL : Unless you have a cinch of cool first striking deathtouch creature (or similar creature-based pseudo-removal) you should pack at a handful of removal spells.

We suggest you pop on over to the mothersite here and here to get proper tips on sealed play. For now, here is a sealed pool generator developed by our buddy Cam and the six packs we cracked - 

First Pack
Just the 'juice' from the next 5 packs



Full MM2015 Spoiler

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

Yesterday over the the mothersite, the entire Modern Masters 2015 edition was previewed in the Card Image gallery.  If you've not already had a look, pop on over here.  

Modern Masters 2015 is a 249 card set consisting of reprints of cards originally printed between Eighth Edition and New Phyrexia. Modern Masters 2015 is exclusively booster-based, designed to be drafted. Each booster contains 15 playable cards: 10 commons, 3 uncommons, one rare or mythic rare, and one foil card of any rarity replacing the basic land which would normally be found in a booster as Modern Masters 2015 does not contain a run of basic lands.

Due to the higher expected average value of the cards contained in a booster and the lower print run, the MSRP of one booster of Modern Masters is set to $9.99 ($3 higher than the first Modern Masters set). Due to the higher MSRP booster displays only contain 24 packs, which is also the number required for a regular draft (three boosters for each of eight players), as the set was designed specifically for draft.  The cost to draft this set may be a titch too high for some players out there.

A number of cards change rarity from their original printing to create a better drafting environment or because mythic rare wasn't introduced until the Alara block. Examples include moving 'Eye of Ugin' from Mythic Rare to Rare or the Ravnica bounce lands from common to uncommon.

Some cards receive new artwork and we do not think there is enough of these at all -

Etched Champion
Daybreak Coronet
Pillory of the Sleepless
Tarmogoyf (same are as in first MM)
Vendilion Clique
Shadowmage Infiltrator

Of note, there is less of a tribal theme, like goblins / rebels in this Modern Masters edition (which we've never though lent well to drafting), and more emphasis related to colour like evoke / bloodthirst /  soulshift.  Although we are rather excited to see a printing of Daybreak Coronet (as we have an uncompleted Modern Boggles decklist), we really do not understand why this would make the cut in this set.  We would of course be rather happy opening up a Tarmo  or Karn but would cry if it was a Horde of Notions or Etched Monstrosity.  If you are one of those folks who get into the financial value of a particular set, we will likely be reading your article soon.


Gamers Bag

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We are rather happy to have picked up this rather nice Gamers Messenger Bag from Ultra • PRO recently and want to yatter about it.  We've seen players at Magic: the Gathering events packing fat stacks and gaming accessories in just about everything you can imagine from plastic shopping bags, Crown Royal purple bags, customized brief cases and of course back packs which are so ubiquous at Tournaments and Friday Night Magic events.  Anywhoos, before we get too far along, please check out this video of the Ultra • PRO /  FaceOff messenger bag -

This gamers messenger bag was designed by Ultra • PRO in conjunction with Keep Pursuing (KP) and their unique interchangeable 'FaceOff' cover flap.  You get one rather plain looking cover with just the logo (which may be great if you are heading into a meeting), or the very cool illustrated one with that Dragon by artist Mauricio Herrera ('El Grimlock').

There is a metric ton of secure interior and exterior compartments, elastic loops to keep your deck boxes secure, cushioned neoprene interior compartment for your laptop or tablet, side storage pocket fot a playmat tube and a small inside pocket to keep dice in.  Lots of loops for pens, zippered pockets for note pads, and a full back zippered compartment to hold your trade binder.  Quick release adjustable shoulder strap lets you get this bag in the best spot for walking / biking or taking the tube to your game.

What we love :

• Foremost, that interchangeable bag cover flap.  We hope Ultra • PRO may have different graphics in the future but for now, Mauricio's dragon is rocking it.

• The exterior shell material - don't know what the material is properly called but it appears to be water resistant if you happen to get caught dancing outside in the rain with a Pina Colada or even more importantly WUBRG spills some table syrup from his waffles onto your messenger bag during an FNM.

What we think may be improved :

• We do like that there is a small 4-inch deep bag-interior pocket for dice.  This pocket should be secured with a velcro closure but think most players will just opt to have a container / bag of dice stored in another option within the bag.

• That pocket for your playmat tube is OK but we personally don't think it is deep enough.  We would rather see an elasticized band secure the tube along the strap or have a place just under the top of front panel flap.

Completely unnessary but cool all the same is that protective cover bag that this was shipped in - we suggest that you may be well served by stuffing this in one of the messenger bags numerous pockets.  If you need to crash on your buddy's couch after an epic late night game of Commander, this may be a handy pillow cover so you don't have to imagine what that pillow was next to earlier in the day.

The Ultra • PRO Gamers Bag by KP FaceOff comes in a red zipper trim and a blue one.  This will retail in the area of about 80 clams or so and we think it a solid investment if you are in the market for a product to safely and securely port your game to your battlefield.  



DD: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Get Hyped now !
Today on the mothersite, WotC revealed the next Duel Deck product - Zendikar vs. Eldrazi !  This certainly is most cool, but for spoiler-nutters like us here at MTG Realm, even more so.  Why ?  In the last few Duel Deck products, there have been a handful of new Magic: the Gathering preview cards to be printed in the upcoming 'fall' set.  With this fall set already announced to be 'Return to Zendikar', we will be afforded a look behind the curtain and can now kick the speculation engine into full gear.  Foremost of course is the possibility (probability) of Eldrazi Titans or their goons invading the Plane of Zendikar.

Anwywhoos, if you are not aware, Duel Decks are a series of theme decks that started in 2007 with Elves vs. Goblins. They contain two 60-card pre-constructed theme decks designed and developed specifically to be played against each other by two people.  In later sets in the series changed this this to two foil mythic rares with alternate artwork, and between six and ten rares, as well as four non-foil cards with alternate artwork (except for Divine vs. Demonic, which had five). Many of the mythic rares were originally printed as rares, and have been changed mythic status for the duel deck. Some of the cards also have new flavor text.  For the record, Heroes vs Monsters contained six preview cards from Theros, which of course makes the product when it realeased the very first chance for players to game with the set's new cards.

Here's the 4.1.1. from the mothersite -


Drawing on the powerful mana that surges through the roiling land, Zendikar's forces have joined together to defend their plane.

The Eldrazi titans, trapped for thousands of years, have broken their bonds. Now their numberless spawn begin to overrun Zendikar.

Can Zendikar resist this onslaught? Or will the Eldrazi triumph?

Deck Design and Deck Development: Chris Millar and Sam Stoddard
Twitter Hashtag: #MTGZVE
Languages Available: English, Japanese
Release Date: August 28, 2015
MSRP: $19.99



Modern Masters 5-04

Happy Monday peeps,

We do not often watch coverage of the large Magic: the Gathering events, but when it's basically in your back yard and most of your friends are attending, we have good cause.  In between all the cr@p we had to get done over the weekend, we took in as much Grand Prix Toronto coverage on Twitch as possible.  Mothersite coverage over here -

One of our very fav pro players is the great Craig Wescoe who espouses much of our own playstyle but we can't but help root for our own fellow Canadians - in fact 3 of the top 8 were from Canada-Land.  In the end, two Canadians worked themselves to the final showdown - Lucas Siow (Abzan Midrange) vs Edgar Magalhaes (Mardu Dragons) with Lucas taking the win.  Rather odd that we did not see a ton of that blue - white Ojutai / control decklist making top marks.  In fact Craig's GW Collected Company sideboard contained 4x Windstorm to take care of this particular issue which did not really seem to present itself as many may have anticipated.

Anywhoos, since we've not made Top 8 at our local Friday Night Magic event at OMG! Games here in Barrie in weeks (maybe even months), we won't really go into any much details as to which decklist we think rocks.  What we really want to talk about is some of the new Modern Masters 2015 edition previews which have been rolling out.  Here is the full list to date - 

All is Dust
Austere Command
Bloodthrone Vampire
Cranial Plating
Cryptic Command
Dark Confidant
Daybreak Corornet
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder
Etched Champion
Fulminator Mage
Goblin Fireslinger
Goblin Guide
Incendiary Command
Iona, Shield of Emeria
Karn Liberated
Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
Mirran Crusader
Mox Opal
Noble Hierarch
Primal Command
Primeval Titan
Profane Command
Rusted Relic
Splinter Twin
Stormblood Berserker
Swans of Bryn Argoll
Tezzeret the Seeker
Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre
Vampire Lacerator
Vendilion Clique

We sadly admit we were not moved to extreme excitement on the Modern Masters spoilers ‘n’ previews to date but are definitely exhilarated over this one.  We have an incomplete G/W (hexproof) Boggles decklist that is incomplete because we could not find these out-of-stock basterds anywhere.

OK, let’s yatter about the art.  The Future Sight art was uninspiring but the new Leonin fella rocking those Gryffindor colours float our boat !

Daybreak Coronet
Future Sight Art by Scott Hampton
Modern Masters 2015 Art by Johannes Voss



Grand Prix Toronto !

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

We'll be off to our local gaming store, OMG! Games this evening and we already know what all our friends will be talking about - GP Toronto!

This weekend (Friday May 1st to Sunday May 3rd), just about an hour south of us here in Barrie, is the premier Magic: the Gathering event tournament of the year - Grand Prix Toronto, Canada.  Being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, just a spit from the iconic CN Tower, 2,200 players will slug it out in standard constructed format to determine the Champion.  Our hope is that the crown goes to a fellow Canadian but we know that some of the best players from around the globe will be in attendance and competition will be fierce.

Here's the 4.1.1. for ya now - 
GP Toronto General Registration — $60.00 
GP Toronto Sleep-in Special Registration — $80.00 
GP Toronto Premium Registration — $110.00 

Doors open to the public:
• 12:00 Noon Friday
• 7:30 AM Saturday
• 8:00 AM Sunday

Who might you bump into at Grand Prix Toronto ?

Christine Sprankle, one of the best MTG Cosplayers around

Gary Wise, MTG Hall of Fame

• Lucas Graciano - artist
• Jeff Miracola - artist
• Steve Prescott - artist
• Zack Stella - artist

The first 1,700 registered players and all VIP players will be scoring the epic Ultra • PRO playmat featuring the card art from Belltoll Dragon illustrated by Zack Stella.

A special playmat for VIP players and side-event participants is an appropriate Canadian-themed playmat illustrated by Jeff Miracola.

If you either 2-0-drop or standard ain't yer game, there is a ton of side events to take in and great prizes to be had.

Like any great MTG Event, a good selection of vendors are on hand with cards, supplies and more -


Carta Magica
Face to Face Games
Game Keeper
Card Advantage
Brimstone Games
Jitte Division
Fusion Gaming
Wizard's Tower
- - 
Channel Fireball
MTG Stronghold
Ice Imports

We hope everyone has a great time and may the odds be ever in your favour !