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MTG Wallpaper Wednesday

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Before we slide into today's article, some quick Magic: the Gathering news items -

• Check out today's Uncharted Realms article from James Wyatt featuring our fav PW Nahiri (love the character but not necessarily that card).  :(

• August's Friday Night Magic Promo is announced as Serum Visions with great art from Dan Scott.  Digital trolls scry your innocence to the bottom of the library by adding a brazzers logo.  (those dirty little monkeys!)

Modern Masters 2015 Edition Release Notes went up yesterday.  We suggest you skim through this should you be planning on attending one of the big events.  If you are suffering from insomnia, then we are happy to report that the release notes weigh in at around 16,000 words.

• Want some lulz and other engaging MTG-releated frivolity?  Then pop on over to MTG Realm on Tumblr.

• Lastly, one of our fav WotC staffers, Helene Bergeot announced a new 'i-payout' system for those players collecting winnings at the large premier play events.

Righto, back on track now.
Need to pimp that drab-looking background on your machine ?  Then look no further than the mothersite, where each Wednesday, a new Magic: the Gathering illustration is posted in a variety of sizes for your particular resolution of choice.  Quite specifically the following -

• 2560x1600
• 1920x1080
• 1280x960
• Mobile
• Tablet
• Facebook

Some of the recent Magic: the Gathering Wallpaper offerings -

Dragonlord Dromoka (Dragons of Tarkir), By Eric Deschamps

Vendilion Clique(Modern Masters 2015 Edition), By Willian Murai

Dragonlord Silumgar (Dragons of Tarkir), By Steven Belledin

Dragonlord Kolaghan (Dragons of Tarkir), By Jaime Jones

Dragonlord Ojutai (Dragons of Tarkir), By Chase Stone

Dragonlord Atarka (Dragons of Tarkir), By Karl Kopinski 


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