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DTK U/W Heroic

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

As promised in earlier posts, we need to have a look at some new and amended decklists for standard constructed.  To kick things off, we want to look at a slightly modified list for Blue / White (U/W) Heroic, which not that long ago had put up some decent results.

With the new set, Dragons of Tarkir, there are a number of interesting cards which may yet make the cut.  New DTK cards such as the following -
• Artful Maneuver (1W +2/+2 instant with rebound)
• Glaring Aegis (W +1/+3 pump with eotb tap down aura)
• Center Soul (1W protection instant with rebound)
• Gleam of Authority (1W aura with conditional pump / activated bolster)
• Graceblade Artisan (2W 2/3 creature bumps +2/+2 for each attached aura)
• Pacifism (1W aura, threat lockdown)

It is of some interest that Joe Losset took a Jeskai (white / blue / red) Heroic build to 1st place at the SCG Open in Richmond just this last weekend.  New cards in the decklist is 3x Center Soul and splashing red for 4x Temur Battle Rage (1R double strike instant with conditional trample on Ferocious).  You can check out the list over here on SCG.

Here is are particular build for the record which is tailored to the local metagame and our own playstyle and will be evolving over the next several weeks.  We do not suggest in any way that this may be a decent build but it did go 3 win 2 loss at the Friday Night Magic event at our local store, OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario.  

4x Favored Hoplite
4x Battlewise Hoplite
4x Hero of Iroas
4x Heliod's Pilgrim
3x Graceblade Artisan

4x Aqueous Form
4x Ordeal of Thassa
4x Ordeal of Heliod
3x Stratus Walk

4x Gods Willing

9x Plains
5x Island
4x Flooded Strand
4x Mana Confluence

4x Pacifism
3x Valorous Stance
3x Erase
3x Stubborn Denial
2x Banishing Light

The big change really is have a full book-set of Pacifism in the SB and with Hero of Iroas out, this now costs only one white to lock down a dangerous dragon.  Graceblade Artisan may not be ideal synergy for the Ordeals as we like these to pop on the turn it is played but we will admit that Graceblade was a serious beat stick during some of our games.



Pro Pages

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We hope all have had a great weekend with a chance to get in some Magic: the Gathering gaming.  On Saturday, we have an epic round of Commander Momir Vig versus Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath with Obby delivering a helluva smackdown.  During Friday Night Magic at OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario was the official launch of Dragons of Tarkir.  We did not get all the new cards we had wanted yet so we tweaked the existing U/W Heroic deck to include a few Graceblade Artisan (who loves auras) in the main, and some Pacifism in the sideboard.  Three wins and two losses delivered 11th place and put us short of Top 8 and scoring the FNM promo.  Next post, we hope to yatter about the new standard environment.

Anywhos - back on topic - we wanted to talk about some pretty cool card storage binder pages we picked up from BCW Supplies.  These are the double-sided, side-loading, nine-pocket binder pages.  We've had in the past some pretty questionable quality pages in our card trading binder and have had on at least 3 separate occasions had the binder drop or get bumped with the cards falling out on the game store floor or table.  Let's get thingys started with a short video, so you can see what we're talking about -

First of all - COLOUR - the pages come in all of the five colours of MTG mana, which means that if you organise your card binder by colour, this will certainly aid you in quickly finding the card(s) you are after.

Second - SECURITY - the pages are side-loading - we do not care at all for the top-loading pages which we've seen lose cards.  The BCW Pro Pages have a very nice textured inner layer with we feel assists in preventing your possibly expensive card from sliding out during transit - we suggest you invest in a zippered binder to be uber-safe if you are doing a lot of traveling with your trade binder.  Outer page pocket loads from center with the middle and inside column loading from the outside.

Lastly - MATERIAL - we own a few binders with older polyvinyl chloride plastic pages which have now (after two years or so) become brittle with the card pockets breaking.  BCW indicates the pages are polypropylene which in our opinion is the cat's meow as these in our experience last longer without loss of the page pocket seam-welds.

We really like these pages a lot but have to warn you that we don't know how these pages are for UV protection.  We do know that coloured PP lasts longer than clear, and that PP generally lasts longer than PVC.  Our binders are on a shelf that is near a window and although not in direct sunlight for most of the day, it still catches a few rays.  Overall - TWO THUMBS UP. ~


DTK Fat Pack

Happy Friday MTG peeps,
The day is finally here!  Dragons of Tarkir official launch - tonight at a games store near you, this new Magic: the Gathering set will now be official to play and whatever format your FNM may be tonight, we're certain that there will be a ton of fun.  We'll be going to our fav store, OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario to play, and although we've only incorporated about a dozen new Dragons of Tarkir cards into our existing standard decks, we have a feeling that these will be feeling like completely new decks.

Anywhoos, as is our custom here at MTG Realm, we've popped down to the card shop at midnight to join a small crowd to pick up a Fat Pack as well as some new cards.  By the time we kick outta work and head into FNM, the store is typically packed, and like sea gulls, customers have cleared out most of the top cuts until the store restocks the next week.  Here's our Dragons of Tarkir unboxing video, which praise be the gods, contained the Planeswalker Narset, a card we've be salivating about for some time.

FAT PACK Contents :

• 9 x 15-card booster packs
• Card storage box
• Player’s guide / visual encyclo
• 80-card basic land pack
• 1 learn-to-play insert
• 1 spindown life counter
• 2 deck boxes

Fat Pack Pulls
Narset Transcendent
• Harbinger of the Hunt (foil)
* Ojutai Exemplars
• Ojutai Command
• Clone Legion
• Foul Renewal
• Profound Journey
• Volcanic Vision
• Avatar of the Resolute



Alpha Grimoire Deck Box

Hello again MTG peeps,

MTG Realm has now been live for about 8 years, has about 12,000 regular followers and have hit about 7 million page visits.  These metrics may be impressive but it still pales in comparison to the vast volume of Magic: the Gathering cards found in just about every room in our secret lair.  We've got cards in desk drawers, binders, boxes, shelves and believe it or not, the collection is fairly well organized.  Having said this, we will admit that our MTG shelf is not rather pretty with the large variety of storage options we have (yep - hashtag that first world problem).

Anywhoos, we've recently picked up a very interesting deck storage box - the Alpha Edition Grimoire Deck Box from Wizardry Foundry.  First and foremost, this box looks great on the shelf and has actually given us a bit more space after organization.  This box is constructed with wood, bonded leather, and has a felt liner which makes us feel a lot better about how much safer our cards are now.  You can squeeze about 1000 un-sleeved cards in the box, or put all your existing deck boxes right in there.  It'll take 10 UPR 75-card boxes or 4 of those mag-flip boxes with room to spare.  Best of all, if you have a cube and need to take it over to your friends place, this box is for you.

Before getting the Grimoire, we did our research, as with all our purchases, and the thing which impressed us most, is that Wizardry Foundry had gone out of their way to solicit feedback from the gaming community.  Armed with this feedback, Wizards Foundry will be moving forward with the design and manufacture of the next generation of Grimoire deck box - The Grimoire Pro Tour.  You can also help them by dropping by their Kickstarter page.

Our Review

• Aesthetics - just lovely looking (we can almost hear Angels singing)

• Sturdiness - like a Fort Knox for your cardboard

• Closure - Alpha Edition has a magnetic closure and can pop open during transport but latter editions have addressed this.

• Artwork - liking the artwork on the Alpha but want better selection which the Kickstarter hopes to address.


A smaller, more portable version of the Grimoire Deck Box, aimed to carry 3 decks and accessories. All your tournament needs in a box!

Grimoire Pro Tour:
• 300 cards with no sleeves, or
• 3 Ultrapro 75 card Deck Boxes
• Tournament Deck, EDH Deck, and Draft Sleeves
• Extra compartment for necessary accessories
• 19cm x 21.6cm x 9cm
• 7.5" x 8.5" x 3.5"

Wizardry Foundry and its founder Jonathan Lau answered the gaming community call for improved portablility with yet another re-designed version.  Please drop by the Kickstarter project page for additional information.


DTK PreRelease

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We hope that all of you were able to make it out to a Dragons of Tarkir PreRelease event over the weekend.  If not (sorry to hear), perhaps you will get a chance to get your paws on these new Magic: the Gathering cards during the official release which takes place this Friday (27th March) during your local gaming store's regular Friday Night Magic Event.  This date also marks when you may officially use these cards in a sactioned event.

Anywhoos, as today's post title suggests, we want to yatter a bit about this weekend's Dragons of Tarkir PreRelease event.  OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario ran a series of events starting at Friday midnight all the way to Sunday with an average about 35 to 40 participants.  We took in the Sunday morning event and went with the Dromoka (Green / White) PreRelease Pack which landed us in 8th spot.  Let's get to a short video first, before we get into it -

Dromoka (Green / White) Seeded PreRelease Pack
Sunscorch Regent, Echoes of the Kin Tree, Inspiring Call, Scale BlessingDromoka's Gift,  Lightwalker, Sandcrafter Mage, Ainok Arillerist, Enduring Victory, Aven Tactician, Harald of Dromoka, Servant of the Scale, Glaring Aegis, Champion of Arashin, Aerial Bowmasters, Shape the Sands.

Rares pulled from the packs :
• Sunscorch Regent (promo) 
• Harbinger of the Hunt  
• Radiant Purge  
• Deathbringer Regent  
• Blessed Reincarnation  
• Warden of the First Tree

Final Build :
1x Warden of the First Tree
1x Servant of the Scale
1x Echoes of the Kin Tree
1x Radiant Purge
1x Lightwalker
1x Pressure Point
2x Pacifism
1x Epic Confrontation
1x Ainok Guide
1x Sandcaster Mage
1x Sandsteppe Outcast
1x Map of the Wastes
1x Inspiring Call
1x Champion of Arashin
1x Battlefront Krushok
1x Dromoka's Gift
1x Pinion Feast
2x Aven Tactician
1x Enduring Victory
1x Sunscorch Regent

Round 1 - DRAW
Mike - Dromoka

Round 2 - DRAW
Alex - Silumgar

Round 3 - WIN (in 2)
Mathieu - Ajoutai

Round 4 - LOSS (in 3)
James - Dromoka

We originally thought that the format would be really slow 'n' grindy with the win going to the first player who happened to land a Dragon.  Not really the case.  With a healthy number of removal options, game play was fun / exciting / engaging and it seemed that each of the Dragon Clans were fairly balanced against each other with no very clear overpowered suit.


DTK Intro Packs

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

The Dragons of Tarkir prerelease event is this weekend, and although the official launch is still another week off, this does not mean you are unable to score some sealed Magic: the Gathering product from the upcoming set.  Specifically, you can pick up Dragons of Tarkir Intro Packs which are available at your local gaming store for open dueling during prerelease events.

Intro Packs are designed with new players in mind, but even more seasoned gamers do pick these up as they are simply fun to battle against eachother given that each set's Intro Packs are generally very well balanced.  In this set, we have five dragon broods and five Intro Packs. For an MSRP of about $15, you get a ready-to-play standard-format preconstructed decklist with the following :

• 60 card deck, including
• 1 foil premium rare card, 
• 2 sealed 15-card booster packs, 
• a strategy insert, and
• a learn-to-play guide.

Each of the decklists contains one alternate art foil rare along with one other rare (rare cards in bold below) and can easily be improved upon to suit your individual playstyle.  Here's the lists -
Enlightened Mastery (White / Blue)

Creatures (17) : 1 Dragon's Eye Sentry, 3 Elusive Spellfist, 1 Orator of Ojutai, 2 Updraft Elemental, 2 Zephyr Scribe, 2 Student of Ojutai, 1 Ancient Carp, 2 Strongarm Monk, 2 Cunning Breezedancer, 1 Pristine Skywise

Spells (18) : 1 Myth Realized, 2 Anticipate, 2 Artful Maneuver, 2 Silkwrap, 1 Ojutai Monument, 2 Ojutai's Breath, 1 Mystic Meditation, 1 Sight Beyond Sight, 1 Skywise Teachings, 1 Taigam's Strike, 1 Great Teacher's Decree, 1 Void Squall, 2 Ojutai's Summons

Lands (25) : 1 Evolving Wilds, 13 Island, 11 Plains

Cruel Plots (Blue / Black)

Creatures (26) : 2 Shambling Goblin, 2 Sidisi's Faithful, 1 Hand of Silumgar, 2 Qarsi Sadist, 2 Palace Familiar, 2 Dutiful Attendant, 1 Minister of Pain, 1 Ukud Cobra, 1 Vulturous Aven, 1 Wandering Tombshell, 1 Gurmag Drowner, 1 Profaner of the Dead, 2 Youthful Scholar, 2 Rakshasa Gravecaller, 2 Silumgar Butcher, 1 Necromaster Dragon, 2 Ruthless Deathfang

Spells (9) : 1 Coat with Venom, 1 Ultimate Price, 1 Negate, 1 Silumgar's Scorn, 1 Silumgar Monument, 1 Gravepurge, 1 Mind Rot, 1 Reduce in Stature, 1 Death Wind

Lands (25) : 1 Evolving Wilds, 13 Swamp, 11 Island

Relentless Rush (Black / Red)

Creatures (20) : 2 Lightning Berserker, 2 Kolaghan Aspirant, 3 Kolaghan Skirmisher, 2 Kolaghan Forerunners, 2 Screamreach Brawler, 2 Ambuscade Shaman, 2 Warbringer, 2 Sprinting Warbrute, 1 Boltwing Marauder, 2 Swift Warkite

Spells (15) : 1 Duress, 1 Foul-Tongue Shriek, 1 Vial of Dragonfire, 2 Impact Tremors, 2 Tormenting Voice, 2 Twin Bolt, 1 Defeat, 1 Kolaghan Monument, 1 Foul-Tongue Invocation, 2 Flatten, 1 Foul Renewal

Lands (25) : 1 Evolving Wilds, 13 Mountain, 11 Swamp

Furious Forces (Red / Green)

Creatures (21) : 2 Atarka Beastbreaker, 2 Glade Watcher, 1 Dragonlord's Servant, 2 Colossodon Yearling, 2 Hardened Berserker, 1 Dragonloft Idol, 2 Sabertooth Outrider, 1 Summit Prowler, 2 Lurking Arynx, 2 Stampeding Elk Herd, 1 Harbinger of the Hunt, 1 Scion of Ugin, 2 Savage Ventmaw

Spells (14) : 1 Epic Confrontation, 1 Tread Upon, 1 Draconic Roar, 1 Dragon Fodder, 1 Magmatic Chasm, 1 Roast, 1 Atarka Monument, 1 Seismic Rupture, 2 Tail Slash, 1 Press the Advantage, 2 Sarkhan's Rage, 1 Berserkers' Onslaught

Lands (25) : 1 Evolving Wilds, 12 Forest, 12 Mountain

Massed Ranks (Green / White)

Creatures (23) : 1 Dromoka Dunecaster, 2 Servant of the Scale, 2 Dromoka Warrior, 3 Lightwalker, 1 Territorial Roc, 1 Scaleguard Sentinels, 2 Sandcrafter Mage, 2 Salt Road Quartermasters, 2 Champion of Arashin, 2 Aven Tactician, 2 Sandsteppe Scavenger, 2 Enduring Scalelord, 1 Arashin Sovereign

Spells (12) : 2 Pacifism, 1 Dromoka Monument, 2 Inspiring Call, 1 Sheltered Aerie, 2 Scale Blessing, 1 Enduring Victory, 2 Dromoka's Gift, 1 Secure the Wastes

Lands (25) : 1 Evolving Wilds, 13 Plains, 11 Forest


DTK Event Decklist

Happy Wednesay MTG peeps,

We now have the Event Decklist for Dragons of Tarkir, which should be hitting the shelf of a local gaming store near you on 27th March, when the full set officially goes on sale.

If you are new to the game, an Event Deck is a standard-format pre-constructed product which is an upgrade over the Intro Pack.  The Event Deck is more competitive with and in the case of this Dragons of Tarkir Event Deck, contains ten rares along with a decent measure of other powerful spells which promises to put up a good fight at your local Friday Night Magic event.

In this Temur-flavoured (Green, Red, splashing Blue) Dragons of Tarki Event deck, one can employ a number of large beffy creatures and red burn spells to relentlessly attack your opponent, touching on blue mana to play some powerful three-color cards as well as a few tricky blue spells to keep opponents off balance.

The Landslide Charge Event Deck is available when Dragons of Tarkir releases on March 27 and ready to be played right out of the box.  For a MRSP of about $25, you get the following to rock your game table :

• Ready-to-play 60-card deck
• 15-card Sideboard
• Spindown life counter
• Strategy insert
• Deck Box

Dragons of Tarkir Landslide Charge Event Decklist

Creatures (23) : 4 Elvish Mystic, 2 Golden Hind, 4 Heir of the Wilds, 2 Mogis's Warhound, 1 Yasova Dragonclaw (Rare), 1 Boon Satyr (Rare), 4 Fanatic of Xenagos, 1 Savage Knuckleblade (Rare), 1 Polis Crusher (Rare), 1 Mistcutter Hydra (Rare), 1 Surrak, the Hunt Caller (Rare), 1 Thunderbreak Regent (Rare)

Sorcery (4) : 1 Arc Lightning, 1 Crater's Claws (Rare), 2 Roast

Instant (7) : 2 Wild Slash, 1 Stubborn Denial, 2 Lightning Strike, 2 Temur Charm

Enchantment (1) : 1 Outpost Siege (Rare)

Land (25) : 4 Evolving Wilds, 4 Frontier Bivouac, 1 Temple of Abandon (Rare), 10 Forest, 5 Mountain, 1 Island

Sideboard (15) : 1 Stubborn Denial, 2 Arc Lightning, 2 Rending Volley,  2 Disdainful Stroke, 2 Encase in Ice,  2 Abzan Beastmaster, 2 Reclamation Sage,  2 Act of Treason



DTK Tokens

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We must admit that over the weekend, we wanted ever so badly to go through all the new Dragons of Tarkir cards with the full reveal on the mothersite on Friday, but sadly did not have a chance.  We were not even able to get out to OMG! Games here in Barrie on Friday for FNM - deplorable we know, but that how it rolled this weekend.

Anywhoos, we won't leave you hanging without a dose of Magic: the Gathering today, so we want to return to an earlier post on the mothersite - Dragons of Tarkir tokens, back last Tuesday, and now that we have all the cards, we'll post 'em all, along with the spell that generates said token as is our custom here on MTG Realm -
1/1 white Warrior creature token, illustrated by Aaron Miller, generated by Secure the Wastes

 2/2 blue Djinn Monk creature token, illustrated by Izzy, as generated by Ojutai's Summons and Skywise Teachings

X/X black Zombie Horror creature token, illustrated by Nils Hamm, generated by Corpseweft

2/2 black Zombie creature token, illustrated by Vincent Procee, generated by Rakshasa Gravecaller and Necromaster Dragon

4/4 red Dragon creature token with flying, illustrated by Gabor Szikszai, generated by Descent of Dragons, Dragon Whisperer, and Sarkhan Unbroken.
1/1 red Goblin creature token (particularly cute 'n' cuddly), illustrated by Mike Bierek, generated by Dragon Fodder.
 And lastly, that Narset Transcendent emblem, both cards illustrated by Magali Villeneuve

That's it for now, we really don't need to go through the morph / manifest overlay reminders with you.


Times of Tarkir

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

We've spent a good chunk of today going through all the new Magic: the Gathering cards that Dragons of Tarkir has delivered.  One item of no small amusement is how clever Wizards has been with the support of a stable of talented artists in illustrating the changes from the original to the altered timeline quite often hidden as subtle hints or 'Easter Eggs' within the card art.

One rather nice tool to quickly look up Magic: the Gathering cards as we compare timelines is MTG Quick Search, a Google Chrome extension, and we never have to step off the tab we're on to bring up a card image, even when we fudge-up the proper card name.
Anywhoos, continuing on with the incredible comparitive card arts in the funky Tarki timelines, we've got to bring you attention to some great work that Redditor 'raicicle' (in this post) with some help from the community had done to catch all the small nuisances of the time shift on Tarkir.  Please check out that cool timey-wimey post and Imgur ablum and here's a few for you now . . .



DTK FULL Spoiler

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Very exciting news today - Magic: the Gathering fans worldwide have just lost their collective cool and are presently going nuts at Wizards of the Coast posted ALL the remaining Dragons of Tarkir cards on the card image gallery.  There is quite a lot ahead of us as we all go through the newly revealed cards and speculate how each of the game formats may change when this new set becomes legal on 27th March.

It is of course quite impossible to go through all the new cards in this post, so you will have to settle on these select few for now.  Swing on back to the MTG Realm blog next week for our daily posts for card evaluations and reviews.

• Gleam of Authority - interesting aura benefiting from your bolster tech.  This just might make the cut in standard heroic.

• Secure the Wastes - damn fine instant that will puke Warrior tokens.  By-the-way - warrior 'tribal' is looking good in the new standard.

• Blessed Reincarnation - this rebounding instant is going places, great removal with a drawback that might be palatable.

• Illusory Gains - this looks good but we would have been much more happier with a 'you may move' clause.

• Profaner of the Dead - conditional evacuation of your opponent's board might make this good in your sideboard.

• Corpseweft - we approve and think this may be good value in some builds.

• Foul Renewal - conditional spot removal and recursion - this ain't bad at all.

• Berserkers’ Onslaught - not that bad, we're not excited though.

• Volcanic Vision - we like this in a Commander build we have but it doesn't make the cut in standard.

• Obscuring Æther - weird, wonderful and interesting - we love it.



DTK Spoilers 3-12

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

A good number of new Dragons of Tarkir spoilers and previews overnight which we will need to catch up on in this post.  Please do expect another update to this after the regular mothersite article promotions at 11 EST.  Anywhoos, there is a little something for every Magic: the Gathering player, so let's slip into gear now.
Dromoka's Command, GW
Instant, Rare
Choose two —
• Prevent all damage target instant or sorcery spell would deal this turn.
• Target player sacrifices an enchantment.
• Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.
• Target creature you control fights target creature you don't control.

Mothersite preview.  WOW. This is very good and we definitely will include this in any green / white build.
Clone Legion, 7UU
Sorcery, Mythic Rare
For each creature target player controls, put a token onto the battlefield that's a copy of that creature.

Mothersite preview. Did you just hear that sound of all those Commander players screaming in joy (or pain, if they are playing blue)? Lovely.
Myth Realized, W
Enchantment, Rare
Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, put a lore counter on Myth Realized.
2W: Put a lore counter on Myth Realized.
W: Until end of turn, becomes a Monk Avatar creature in addition to its other types and gains "This creature's power and toughness are equal to the number of lore counters on it."

Mana Deprived / Eh Team preview.  Dang fine card here - animate until eot means shelter from rath 'n' removal in most cases.  We can see this getting the nod in a few formats and are definitely interested in getting this in an enchantress build.
Commune with Lava, XRR
Instant, Rare
Exile the top X cards of your library. 
Until the end of your next turn, you may play those cards.

TMT preview.  Looks to be rather decent late game but we think that this is going straight into a Commander build of ours.
Damnable Pact, XBB
Sorcery, Rare
Target player draws X cards and loses X life.

The Mana Source preview.  This Sign in Blood has leg room and will get played - especially powerful in Commander.  Pre-rotation, this might make a one or two of in a u/b control or mono-black devotion build.
Icefall Regent, 3UU
Creature - Dragon, Rare
When Icefall Regent enters the battlefield, tap target creature an opponent controls. That creature doesn't untap during its controller's uptanp step for as long as you control Icefall Regent.
Spells your opponents cast that target Icefall Regent cost 2 more to cast.

Magic Show preview.  Solid card and we would not be disapointed in pulling this from a pack.  Never underestimate the usefullness of sidelining an oponent's most valuable critter.

Vial of Dragonfire, Loading Ready Run preview. Limited maybe - its a stretch.

Wandering Tombshell, Loading Ready Run preview. Zombie Turtle !! Yeah, that's about it.

Ainok Survivalist, Joy of Cubing preview. Hippy-Hound nerfs artifacts and enchantments with the megamorph's face up.

Silkwrap, Pure MTGO preview. Journey to Nowhere was a good card, this one is not.

Belltoll Dragon, Wizards MTG Twitter preview.  Sucks, but at least its got hexproof going for it, which is nice.


DTK Spoilers 3-11

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We are now at about 116 of 264 cards spoiled and previewed for Dragons of Tarkir with only a short period of time (Friday or Monday) with the full Magic: the Gathering set revealed.  Starting next week, we hope to do a series of posts to speculate how all this new card goodness may evolve standard format and also consider some of the new offerings for Commander and Tiny Leaders.

Anywhoos, let's get on with the business at hand, rounding up the latest new cards finding their way onto the interwebz.

Surrak, the Hunt Caller, 2GG
Legendary Creature - Human Warrior, Mythic Rare
Formidable — At the beginning of combat on your turn, if creatures you control have total power 8 or greater, target creature you control gains haste until end of turn.

Wizards MTG Reddit preview.  We're not too hot on the new Formidable tech yet, but this card may just swing our opinion.  Speaking of swinging, we're imagining a board with anthems, dropping a bunch of tokens and going to town with the new timeline Surrak.

Some Uncommons from the mothersite -
• Scion of Ugin - dang this is pretty bad for an uncommon.
• Duress - like this reprint, needed to get done.
• Custodian of the Trove - fodder.
• Tapestry of the Ages - crud.

Monument Cycle - Artificats with a converted mana cost of three colourless mana, taps for one of the two of the colours associated with that Dragon Clan, named after that Dragonlord and produces a 4/4 (two-coloured) dragon artifact creature with flying for six mana (4 colourless and 2 of that clan).

• Dromoka Monument
• Ojutai Monument
• Silumgar Monument
• Kolaghan Monument
• Atarka Monument