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Conflux Spoiler 9

We have 5 additional Conflux spoilers with a partial one for Nicol Bolas . . . sorry - no card art in this fresh batch.

Mr. zesty from the boards is now becoming a legend for the spoilers he feeds us. Now mind you, the spoilers are not quite free . . . this individual with an inside line to WoTC provides answers in the forms of (sometimes complex) riddles which the community enjoys immensely.

Here is a mock-up of Nicol Bolas as provided by 'anna.mossity' based on the crumbs zesty has provided. The third ability is a whopping -9 and we are currently still uncertain of the comes-into-play loyalty of this beast.

Little Birdy with dark affiliations to zesty also privided riddles for the Conflux scepters. These are summarised below.

Scepter of Insight 1UU
3U, {Tap} : Draw a card

Scepter of Dominance 1WW
W, {Tap} : Tap target permanent

Scepter of Fugue BB
1B, {Tap} : Target player discards a card.

Legendary Creature - Dragon (M)
When Malfegor comes into play, discard your hand. Target opponent sacrifices a creature for each card discarded this way.

Wall of Reverence 3w
Creature - Wall (R)
Defender, flying
At the end of your turn, gain life equal to the power of a creature you control.

Enjoy any time off you may have during this week to let the Johnny in you start identifying synergies and developing crazy-a$$ combinations on these.
Also - just a side-note . . .

We are rather anxious to get the details on the spoiled Card Art for 'Paragon of the Amesha' . . . we have great hopes for inclusion in our exalted / Bant ramp decky.


Filip Ilu said...

If Bolas will come with more than 2 loyalty counters into play it will be just too tech... Can't wait to find out more though :D Keep them coming CopySix!

Anonymous said...

LOL I know his ultimate