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CanTrip Contest


I enjoy trolling through a variety of MTG-related websites to see what is new. Although my limited understanding of French, German and Spanish is horrible, I still do regularly visit foreign-language sites to get the latest scoop on the world of Magic: The Gathering.

I even occasionally get my hands on dated publications such as Cantrip Magazine, a favourite Spanish publication . . . Imagine my delight at hearing about a contest they are running.

Huge CanTrip Magazine Contest

NINE uncut sheets of FOIL ( ! ) Shards of Alara and Eventide AND a Box of Booster Packs - (IMPORTANT) You will need to be fluent in Spanish and complete an on-line survey of 15 questions as well as a regular reader of Cantrip.


Mega Sorteo de la Revista CanTrip

La revista Cantrip tiene en marcha un mega sorteo con unos premios impresionantes: Nueve planchas sin cortar de Fragmentos de Alara y Crep├║sculo en foil y una caja de sobres.

Good luck to the survey participants and my Spanish MTG buddies !


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