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Conflux Spoiler 7

Just another notice of an update on Magic Arcana today . . . We now have early images of additional Conflux packaging. There are three booster pack images as well as a booster display case image.

Booster Pack #1 (left)
Appears that Kresh may be taking on more than he can chop off as he does battle with an Elemental-like creature on this foil package. Kresh should just tell the annoyed critter he missed the turn to Jersey and send him on his way.

Booster Pack #2 (middle)
We all know who this handsome Elder Dragon is. Yep - none other than Nicol Bolas - being all awesome with his Christmas scarf and a pricesless Fabergé jeweled egg between his horns.

Booster Pack #3 (right)
Maelstrom Archangel is featured here looking quite peeved in her retro-80's winged booties. We are not certain what the helm and the staff are for but we'll guess that it may have something to do with an activated ability on the card itself.

Booster Display Case
Again another familiar image of Apocalypse Hydra not looking happy with the Bant architecture. I realise that this monster is not the sharpest spoon in the drawer however . . . why would he buffet on an Angel - too sweet and all feathers. I guess there is no explaining some monster's tastes - he just should have settled on eating the Leotau and moved on to Esper.

Stay tuned for more MTG Conflux spoiler goodness.

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srsly isnt that progenitus..