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Conflux Spoiler 4

We have yet another installment of your favourite subject - the early spoilers of Conflux, of the second set in Shards of Alara. This brought to you by the very kind Coffee4am (thnx!) from the boards.

Conflux Fat Pack
From this, we can assume 8 booster packs per fatpack, a Conflux player's guide / card expansion encyclopedia, the MTG novel "Agents of Artifice", a life-counter (D20), and a land booster pack . . . very kewl - Thanks Wizards of the Coast.

Conflux Intro Pack
We also have our very first spoiled Intro Pack. This one comes from the black-RED-Green shard of Jund and is called 'Jund Appetite for War' . . . probably not the best intro-deck name I have heard. I suggest WoTC contact me for assistance on all future nomenclature. The foil rare here appears to be Charnelhoard Wurm, who by the way looks hungry.

Conflux Booster Pack
Here we have an image of a Conflux Booster Pack containing 15-cards of hope, wonder and awe. The image on this foily goodness appears to be Maelstrom Archangel who I will guess is green-WHITE-blue.

And finally, since the sealed tournament decks have been rolled into a shallow grave, WoTC now appears to provide land boosters in their Fat-Packs, which in my humble opinion is a very good idea.

These particular lands are the much awaited EuroLands and most likely will not be making it's way into a FatPack up here in Canada where I live . . . this does not detract from my urge to collect all of 'em.

Stay tuned for more spoiler goodness.

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