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Conflux Playmats

I realise that the last few posts were full of spoiler goodness facts but somewhat lacking in imagery. To make amends I now present some lovely Conflux land-art featured on these playmats.

Caranthir from the Czech Republic hangs out at as well as MTG-Sally has provided these great images for us today.

Ancient Ziggurat by John Avon
Certainly a lovely hotel for travelling Naya to Bant.

Reliquary Tower by Jesper Ejsing
A stereotypical Bant spire checking out things on Esper.

Rupture Spire by Jaime Jones
The Grixis have new neighbours from Esper.

Unstable Frontiers by John Avon
If you saw this from your front window, I would suggest dropping any ideas of a career in real estate.

Exotic Orchard, by Stephen Belledin
The trees here have an almost changeling sort of feel to them . . . I'm sure the fruit is still good - especially in tri-coloured decks.

Stay tuned for more Conflux spoiler goodness.

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