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Conflux Intro Packs

Conflux Intro Packs were revealed today on Magic Arcana. If you have been living secluded under a rock for a few months, Intro Packs have replaced 'Theme Decks'. These are a 41-card preconstructed deck which includes one foil rare.

Typically, the best spoilers are the ones which show Intro Packs for the new set. One may learn (or infer) quite a bit about the flavour and possible dynamics of the set by carefully reviewing the names of the Intro Pack, the name / artwork of the foil rare card.

Bant on the March
foil rare : Giltspire Avenger GWU

Obviously the nations of Bant are mobilizing to counter an invasion as the Intro Pack name suggests. Mr. Avenger is pictured here cleaning off hs blade in what appears to be the ruins of an Akrasan town. His handiwork is lying is a pool of blood around the corner with a hooded figure (possibly the next of kin?) kneeling beside the recently deceased. Does not seem like the sun-dappled Akrasa we know from the first set. The mana colours of green-WHITE-blue is typical for the shard of Bant.

Jund Apppetite for War
foil rare : Charnelhoard Wurm 4BRG

Again, as mentioned in a previous post when we spoiled the Fat Packs - this is a very unimaginative name for an Intro Pack. Charnelhoard Wurm is a six-drop which includes a black and red. This spikey piece of nastiness is not similar to what we have come to expect from the realm of Jund. I would expect the unexpected with this card.

Naya Domain
foil rare : Paleoloth 4GG

Weighing in at at a green-centric six drop, this monster is spot-on for Naya.

This critter appears to be the grudge articulation of a hippo and a dinosaur. We suggest you carefully consider the marinade for this one.

Esper Air Assault
foil rare : Magister Sphinx 4WUB

From the Intro Pack name, I will cautiously suggest that there may be a number of flyers in this deck. The Magister Sphinx also supports this well thought-out theory. This Esper-coloured critter appears to be flying into an environment which does not resemble Esper at all. Perhaps the mages responsible for carefully controlling the meteorological conditions on Esper have either run to the hills or were laid off.

Grixis Shambling Army
foil rare : Blood Tyrant 4UBR

This six-drop vampire appears to be travelling through a Jund landscape rather than the bleak desolation of Grixis. Perhaps he is on his way to make a withdrawl at a blood-bank.

I would suggest from the Intro Pack name that this suck-head is not alone and that the deck may be producing a healthy number of token critters.

Stay tuned for more Conflux spoiler goodness.

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