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Divine vs Demonic

If you have not yet heard yet . . . The Magic Arcana announcement today brings us a new product to speculate on . . . Duel Decks : Divine vs Demons.

WOTC deck designers Nate Heiss and Erik Lauer have quite a few Angels and Demons
to choose from to include this this new Duel Deck. The expansion symbol also happens to one of the coolest I have seen yet !

Here is the skinny . . .

Duel Decks: Divine vs Demonic contains two ready-to-play 60-card decks that showcase some of the best spells the forces of light and darkness have to offer. The set includes 7 cards that feature new artwork, including two alternate art foil mythic rare cards. ( ! )

And some flavour . . .

An endless war rages in the heavens. The skies blacken and crackle with dark magic. Bellows of grim laughter drown out the beating of black, leathery wings. The demons have come. Then, a ray of golden light pierces the darkness. A flight of angels arrives, swords gleaming. The champions of law have arrived to cleanse the sky.

I will take a stab at two possible inclusions in the Duel Decks from the banner provided with the announcement :

Akroma, Angel of Wrath - and - Lord of the Pit ? ?
What is your guess ?

Mark your caldendar for April 10th, 2009 and get thee hence to a gamery store.


Anonymous said...

My favorite was Elves Vs. Goblins but this seems ok too. And I have the same guess for the Alternate Art cards.

Anonymous said...

Lord of the pit is a crap rare and Akroma is just marvelous. And you have to play with those mythic rare foils to. There not just there, so I don't want to contradict your theory, but it should seems likely they would choose 2 figures worthy of representing 2 competitive decks, despite the fact that the images they uploaded look similar to the cards you think they will choose. Anyhow I look forward to this dueldeck. It seems even more flavorful then Jace vs Chandra and even then Elves vs Goblins. We shall see after conflux :D

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it's going to be prince of thralls and maelstrom archangel (from conflux, you can see it on the spoilers). They're both from the newer block and both their abilities would do well at the center of a deck. It makes sense that wizards of the coast would choose cards that will promote the current block to center their decks around and these two creatures seem like they have opposing abilities. If I had to choose an angel and a demon from the newest block, these would be them.