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Conflux UltraPro Products

UltraPro is pretty much the MTG standard for Albums & Portfolios, Card Storage, Card Sleeves and the like. If you walk into an FNM and do not see oodles of UltraPro products on the tables, chances are that you walked into the hair salon next door by mistake.

We always look forward to the new UltraPro products during spoiler season as this provides an opportunity to see brand new artwork not yet previewed elsewhere. Let's have a look what's in the spoiler bag !
Check out this Esper assasin. Certainly from the darker side of Vectis. This may very well be the best piece of artwork seen so far. We have already seen a terrible lo-res image of her, identified as Vectis Agents in this POST.

Remember this Esper woman ? She was the one who did not catch the Shards of Alara bus on time for the first set. Apparently this very cool / beautiful artwork is slated for final dilivery in Conflux. My guess is on Master Transmuter.

This kick-butt folio features Apocalypse Hydra eating Bant, Maelstrom Archangel and an unknown four-armed demon beast. This piece of Grixis hardware is rumoured to be Malfegor, possibly a Legendary Critter . . . Let's hear your speculations !

Here we have a folio and a deckbox featuring Nicol Bolas himself. For witty banter regarding Mr. Bolas, please look to previous posts.


December 19 2008 DCI Banned and Restricted List Announcement posted today.

Looks like no changes to Standard, Extended, Legacy, Vintage, Block, and Two-Headed Giant Constructed.

For the announcement read THIS. For further details, check out THIS 'Latest Developments. article by WoTC dev Tom Lapille.


Anonymous said...

the assasin was presented in the images you revealed yourself by number 5) Vectais Agent. Check again :)

CopySix said...

Kudos to Spade who is on the ball today and most likely more caffeinated than I.
Thnx !
~ CopySix