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Savage Auras Video

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Today, we have a series of posts showcasing the latest Magic the Gathering product, Planechase 2012.  In this post, we have a video of the Savage Auras deck.  Take a few minutes now and watch this vid as we discuss just how kick-butt this variant / casual Magic the Gathering format is and what a killer build Wizards had made with this enchantment / aura deck . . .

Make sure you check out out (four) previous posts providing decklists / summary to all of the Planechase decks - Chaos Reigns, Night of the Ninja, Primordial Hunger, and Savage Auras.

With the Savage Auras deck, your goal is building the perfect creature.  At the heart of this deck, is a variety of auras that upgrade the creatures they enchant.  Some auras, such as Mamoth Umbra and Indrik Umbra have 'totem armor' in addition to their other abilities.  Board wipers (Day of Judgement) or the Phenomenon card 'Planewide Disaster' which destroys all creatures will keep your critters with totem armor still on the game table.

We love that Sigil of the Empty throne is included in this build as it will generate ample 4/4 flying angel tokens to either attack with or chump block while you build your perfect game finisher.  If you want to tweak this deck and go over the top, include an 'Eldrazi Conscription' copy or two, but that is likely just a win-moar condition as this deck plays great.

The planes / phenomena cards in this package compliment the deck quite well - like Akoum (Zendikar Plane) which allows players to cast enchantments (you've got tons in this build) as though they had flash.

Pick up this Planechase 2012 deck or the other three and get ready for some seriously fun Magic the Gathering game.


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