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Avacyn Restored Fat Pack

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

As is our custom here at MTG Realm, with every new Magic the Gathering set release, we head down to our local store, OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario, and pick-up a Fat Pack.  Thursday at midnight we did just that and battled a small crowd at the store and picked up an Avacyn Restored Fat Pack for video dissection.  We've seen a fade of product 'unboxing' videos on YouTube and want to make it clear we don't want to be like that fromage.
Anywhoos - 
Here's the vid - our apologies in advance - the program we use Movie Edit Pro 17 from Magix has been great until just recently.  It's been rendering the final video with terribad audio quality (static) where previously it's been just great.  If you can help, eMail us. EDIT : We think we tracked the problem down in the movie setting / audio sample rate program default.  Should be fine next vid - what music do you want next ? Electro, dubstep, edm? - Sorry - no C&W.

OMG! Games  •  •  130 Bell Farm Rd  Barrie, ON, L4M 6J4  •  (705) 721-4263

Righto - Here's our Fat Pack PULLS  :
• Divine Deflection
• Herald of War
• 2x Cathar's Crusade
• Infinite Reflection
• Stolen Goods
• 2x Killing Wave
• Vexing Devil

We think that this is the weirdest pull we've ever had out of a Fat Pack. 


For a MSRP of about $40, your Avacyn Restored Fat Pack gives you . . .
• Nine booster packs
• Basic Land pack of 80
• Avacyn Restored mural
• Card Storage box
• Two deck boxes
• Player's Guide
• Learn-to-play insert
• Spindown Life Counter

The Avacyn Restored Player's Guide contains a visual encyclopedia of every card in the set, plus play tips and story background information.

If you like Magic the Gathering foils and foreign language cards, head over to MTG Mint Card.
They have a great selection of Chinese Avacyn Restored foils great to pimp out your 60 or 100 card build.

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