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Chaos Reigns Decklist

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Today, we have a series of posts showcasing the latest Magic the Gathering product, Planechase 2012.  In this post, we have the Chaos Reigns Decklist.  Head over to the other posts for these decklists : Primordial Hunger, Savage Auras, and Night of the Ninja and our video breakdown of the Savage Auras deck we go.
Deck - Chaos Reigns (w/u/b/r/g)

Creatures (19): Guard Gomozoa, 2x Illlusory Angel*, Whirlpool Warrior, 2x Shardless Agent*, Noggle Ransacker, Primal Plasma, Ondu Giant, Kathari Remnan, 2x Bloodbraid Elf, Peregrine Drake, Fusion Elemental, Brutalizer Exarch, Etherium-Horn Sorcerer*, Enlisted Wurm, Enigma Sphinx, Maelstrom Wanderer*

Other Spells (17): 2x Armilliary Sphere, Fractured Powerstone*, 2x See Beyond, Arc Trail, Erratic Explosion, Beast Wihin, Cultivate, Rivals' Duel, Sunken Hope, Mass Mutiny*, Deny Reality, Bituminous Blast, Last Stand, Fiery Fall

Lands (24): Exotic Orchard, Rupture Spire, Shimmering Grotto, Terramorphic Expanse, Vivid Creed, 2x Plains, 5x Island, 2x Swamp, 4x Mountain, 4x Forest

Planes (8):  Grand Ossuary, Hedron Fields of Agadeem, Mount Keralia, Nepalia, Orzhova, Trail of the Mage-Rings, Truga Jungle, Windriddle Palaaces

Phenomena (2): Mutual Epiphany, Time Distortion

The "Chaos Reigns" deck puts the power of cascade in your hands—cast a spell, then cast another spell for free! Wield all five colors of mana and watch your opponents scramble to deal with every flavor of aggression.

The Planechase decks have brand-new eternal-legal cards, including a cycle of multi-color legendary creatures. Overall there will be 21 new cards in the set, with 6 appearing in each deck in different quantities.
Each box contains 10 over-sized cards (8 plane, 2 phenomena), a 60 card Magic deck, and a planar die, with an MRSP of about $20.

The folks over at MTG Mint Card already have up Planechase 2012 singles for pre-order, so check 'em out.

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