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Night of the Ninja Decklist

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Today, we have a series of posts showcasing the latest Magic the Gathering product, Planechase 2012.  In this post, we have the Night of the Ninja Decklist.  Head over to the other posts for these decklists : Primordial Hunger, Savage Auras, Chaos Reigns and th video breakdown of the Savage Auras deck we got.

Deck - Night of the Ninja (u/b)

Creatures (26): 2x Tormented Soul, 2x Augury Owl, Skullsnatcher, Inkfathom Witch, 2x Baleful Strix*, 2x Dimir Infiltrator, Mistblade Shinobi, Walker of Secret Ways, Wall of Frost, Cadaver Imp, Liliana's Specter, 2x Ninja of the Deep Hours, Sakashima's Student*, Glen Elendra Liege, Throat Slitter, Higure, the Still Winde, Okiba-Gand Shinobi, Dark Hatchling, Ink-eyes, Servant of Oni, Vela the Night-Clad*, Slilent-Blade Oni*

Other Spells (10): 2x Sai of the Shinobi*, Fractured Powerstone*, Quietus Spike, Whishpersilk Cloak, 2x Assassinate, Cancel, Concentrate, Farsight Mask

Lands (24): 2x Dimir Aqueduct, 2x Jwar Isle Refuge, Tainted Isle, Terramophic Expanse, 9x Island, 9x Swamp

Planes (8): Bloodhill Bastion, Gavony, Gavony, Glend Elendra, Kharasha Foothills, Norn's Dominion, Quicksilver Sea, Takenuma, The Zephyr Maze

Phenomena (2): Interplanar Tunnel, Morphic Tide

The "Night of the Ninja" deck lets you sneak behind enemy lines, disrupt their plans, and strike silently. Scouts and shinobi pair with disruption spells to keep opponents bewildered until it's too late.

The Planechase decks have brand-new eternal-legal cards, including a cycle of multi-color legendary creatures. Overall there will be 21 new cards in the set, with 6 appearing in each deck in different quantities.
Each box contains 10 over-sized cards (8 plane, 2 phenomena), a 60 card Magic deck, and a planar die, with an MRSP of about $20.

The folks over at MTG Mint Card already have up Planechase 2012 singles for pre-order, so check 'em out.

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