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Friday Miscellany

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Today's post is just a round-up of Magic the Gathering odds 'n' ends which (in our opinion), perhaps did now warrant a full stand-alone post.  Strap yerselves in and get ready for a twisty ride . . .

Up First,
Tournament Organisers / store owners now have
learned throught the Wizards Event Reporter software that the Buy-a-Box promo for the upcoming Magic 2013 core set (M13) to be released 13 July, 2012 is 'Cathedral of War'.  To us, it sounds a bit like a rare land or perhaps an enchantment similar to that of Crescendo of War or Glory of Warfare where your creatures strength is pumped during your turn and toughness pumped when it is not your turn.  A reminder to those not in the know - limited numbers of alt-art foil 'buy-a-box' promos are provided to stores selling booster boxes.
Next up,
The standard meta-game.  Players we've been talking to have not yet fully committed to show casing the new cards provided in Avacyn Restored.  We think some are waiting to take their lead from the Pro Players this weekend in Barcelona where Avacyn Restored block constructed play may give indications as to what the Pros think may rock standard.  Anywhoos - what should you expect when you head off to Friday Night Magic tonights ?  

We think the regular half-dozen deck archetypes you have been playing against already.  Your's truly, CopySix will be heading off to OMG! Games here in Barrie with a Cloudshift Splicers build which we will report on next week, and here's what MTG Realm staffers R•Stomp and RetroTech are hoping to bring along.

Standard Zombies, Main Deck - 60 cards

23 lands : 4  Blackcleave Cliffs, 4  Dragonskull Summit, 1  Mountain, 14  Swamp
18 creatures : 4  Diregraf Ghoul, 2  Fume Spitter, 4  Geralf's Messenger, 4  Gravecrawler, 4  Highborn Ghoul
19 other spells : 2  Arc Trail, 4  Brimstone Volley, 4  Bump in the Night, 4  Incinerate, 2  Mortarpod, 3  Tragic Slip
Sideboard : 2  Act of Treason, 1  Arc Trail, 3  Geth's Verdict, 3  Manabarbs, 3  Manic Vandal, 3  Whipflare

This Zombie build does not feature any new Avacyn Restored cards.  There is a cute interaction with Fume Spitter with the undying tech here.  This build features a healthy dose of red burn spells along side with the typical black spot removal spells.

Sandard Humans, Main Deck - 60 cards

23 lands : 4  Glacial Fortress, 1  Island, 3  Moorland Haunt, 11  Plains, 4  Seachrome Coast
32 creatures : 4  Champion of the Parish, 4  Doomed Traveler, 3  Fiend Hunter, 2  Gideon's Lawkeeper, 2  Grand Abolisher, 3  Hero of Bladehold, 3  Leonin Relic-Warder, 3  Loyal Cathar, 1  Mikaeus, the Lunarch, 4  Mirran Crusader, 3  Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
5 other spells : 4  Honor of the Pure, 1  Sword of War and Peace
Sideboard : 2  Angelic Destiny, 2  Corrosive Gale, 1  Dismember, 1  Fiend Hunter, 1  Grand Abolisher, 3  Gut Shot, 2  Mana Leak, 1  Negate, 2  Oblivion Ring

This build also does not feature any New Avacyn Restored cards.  It's all about the Humans here with Thalia giving a non-creature spell hose.  Mono-white with Honors seems straightforward beats along with some allowances for control via Relic-Warder and Fiend Hunter.
The wallpaper of the week from the mothersite is artist's Eric Deschamps's Tamiyo, the Moon Sage from the Avacyn Restored set.
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