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M13 Rumours

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Make sure you stay tuned to MTG Realm on Monday, when we crack open a Planechase 2012 (Savage Auras) deck and discuss it's contents, as well as how much better this Magic the Gathering casual format just got. 

As for today's post, some interesting news with regards to the upcoming core set, Magic 2013.  Late last evening, forum member KandykidZero provided some news to the gamer community when he had dropped by his local Target store and saw a M13 vendor brochure from Wizards of the Coast for the upcoming core set.  Essentially, there was an image of an Intro Pack and booster pack image.  We don't have to remind our regular MTG Realm readers to treat all Magic the Gathering spoilers we post here as rumour / speculation until officially previewed.  With that proviso, let's get to the grainy images KandykidZero had snapped . . .

Here's the foil rare card for the M13 intro pack :
Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis, 4BB
Legendary Creature - Demon, Rare
Whenever Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis attacks alone, defending player sacrifices a creature.

KandykidZero also notes that it appears that the intro deck may now come with 2 boosters than the conventional one pack.  He also noted that the booster pack appears to be a cardboard casing for the booster pack, rather than the blister pack material.  The vendor brochure proclaims "New Look, Same Booster Pack!".  This sort of packaging may or may not only be for the large retail chains.  Don't ask about the weird two scoops of icecream on the vendor brochure, we can only speculate - perhaps players to buy an Intro Pack gets a large icecream (?).

Of note is the reference on the legendary creature card to Grixis, a plane on Alara.  Also of interest from our post yesterday is another black card with the exalted mechanic on it - Servant of Nefarox.

Anywhoos - speculate away in the comment below and make sure you drop back again on Monday when we can finally show you the Planechase pack we've been sitting on.


Jason Rivera said...

Based on Nicol Bolas rumors surrounding M13, maybe Nicol Bolas has commandeered Alara's Exalted mechanic...In any case, looks like Exalted will probably be M13's returned mechanic (just as Scry with M11 and Bloodthirst with M12).

Anonymous said...

But I liked the normal booster packs...