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Keep Calm Play Magic

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Recently, we had released a series of images on our MTG Realm Tumblr site which, from the feedback we have so far, appears very well received.  It is a series of 'Keep Calm and Play Magic', originally developed by forum user 'pichy 64'.  

These are based on an old wartime prop-poster which has has become rather popular (as you can see from our apparel and coffee station here at the MTG Realm office).  Yeah, 'JFK' and the rest of the MTG Realm crew are also Chive fans . . .

Anywhoos Here's a bit of history for those of you interested -

Printed in 1939 by His Majesty's Stationery Office on orders of England's Ministry of Information, "Keep Calm and Carry On" was printed in large numbers along with two related posters, but never posted during World War II as it was intended to be distibuted after a a German invasion of the British Isles.  The posters, bearing the crest of King George VI, were shredded in 1945, with a small number saved in the archives of the Imperial War Museum. There were however a hand-full of posters which found it's way to civilian defence authorities.  It was not to emerge again until 2000, when a tattered copy was discovered lining a box in a secondhand bookstore in Northumberland.

Righto - Here's the MTG image series . . .



Next up,
An acquaintance of ours, 'Cam', who in his spare time loves to crunch code.  He took a stab at a Magic: The Gathering - Avacyn Restored Sealed Deck Card Generator.  We think it's cool and ivite you to give it a try as well - linky HERE.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the official Avacyn Restored Release and OMG! Games and Collectibles, here in Barrie, Ontario will be holding a special Friday Night Magic event.  You could score a sweet looking alt-art Restoration Angel.

OMG! Games is a short drive north of Toronto.

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Anonymous said...

Just to let you know your sealed draft simulator keeps putting a silverblade paladin in the uncommon slot and not the rare.