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Planechase Spoiler 2

Hello again MTG peeps,

Here is an unusual second post for the day.  Earlier today, we yattered about some new Planechase 2012 spoilers 'n' previews (official) courtesy of - now we slip into the dark and dangerous world of unofficial spoilers, courtesy of a sneaky Russian.  Images appear to be taken from the guide or packaging.  Please note that these are indeed unofficial and you should always refer to sanctioned content from the mothersite.

Anywhoos - let's go - 
Just an image-dump for you really.  Enjoy.

Creatures / Spells : Enigma Sphinx, Illusory Angel, Exotic Orchard, Etherium-Horn Sorcerer, Mass Muntiny, Preyseizer Dragon, Dragonlair Spider, Brindle Shoat, Thunder-Thrash Elder, Thromok the Insatiable

Planes Cards : Spatial Merging, Jund , Truga?


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