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AVR Top 5s

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Yesterday, we received our pre-ordered Avacyn Restored cards from MTG Mint Card which came fast and furious from the opposite end of the globe within 48-hours of the official release of this, the newest Magic the Gathering set.  

As is our custom here at MTG Realm, we get a deck set (4x) of every Uncommon and Common with each new set, have a few energy drinks and a discussion with the MTG Realm crew over the merits of each with a weight toward standard constructed format.  The result is, based on no particular parameter, our choices for Top 5 Uncommons and Commons - here's a short vid -

And here's the recap . . .

Top 5 AVR Uncommons  :  
Thunderous Wrath 
Emancipation Angel 
Favorable Winds
Lightning Mauler  
Wolfir Avenger

Top 5 AVR Commons  :  

Pillar of Flame  
Abundant Growth  
Scroll of Avacyn 

Odd that Red took both top spots this set.  Just remember, these are our choices this week, and as we are fickle and prone to change our minds several times, even mid-sentace, we should revisit standard again within a month to determine if these cards still rock our nerd world.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I find it strange that I pulled all of the uncommons at the prerelease, but missed two of the commons you listed. Regardless, some good cards.