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Planechase 2012 Decks

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,
Fresh from the mothersite, courtesy of WoTC Monty are some details of Planechase 2012 Decks.  We here at MTG Realm personally know a few Magic the Gathering Players who can hardly contain themselves for this newest casual format addition.  In a few days time, we'll sit down with one of these rabid gamers to discuss the Planechase 2012 and dissect a deck for you.

The four Planechase Game Packs released on June 1, 2012: Chaos Reigns, Night of the Ninja, Primordial Hunger, and Savage Auras.  Each game pack contains a sixty-card Magic deck, a ten-card planar deck, a planar die, and a Planechase strategy insert with multiplayer rules.  Each deck has eight new plane cards and two new phenomenon cards, and these cards are not shared between decks; there are a total of 32 new planes and 8 new phenomena.  The MSRP for each deck is about $20 and and will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese on June 1, 2012. - 'nuff yattering - here's the decks . . .

The / "Savage Auras" deck shapes light into ferocity. Summon predators and cloak them in protective Umbras to save them from destruction. Meanwhile your auramancy will give your creatures a myriad of death-dealing powers!

The //// "Chaos Reigns" deck puts the power of cascade in your hands—cast a spell, then cast another spell for free! Wield all five colors of mana and watch your opponents scramble to deal with every flavor of aggression.

The / "Night of the Ninja" deck lets you sneak behind enemy lines, disrupt their plans, and strike silently. Scouts and shinobi pair with disruption spells to keep opponents bewildered until it's too late.

With the / "Primordial Hunger" deck, your early threats become delicious snacks for your giant creatures, making them even more fearsome. Just when opponents think you're trying to swarm them, you'll summon a game-ending predator instead.

The folks over at MTG Mint Card already have up known  Planechase 2012 singles for pre-order, so check 'em out.

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