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Avacyn Restored Release

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

The big Magic the Gathering news today is of course, the official Avacyn Restored release.  Most players will be heading off to their local games store this evening to buy new cards or packs and possibly score that special alt-art promo at the FNM Avacyn Restored Release tonight.

As for us, we headed down to our local store, OMG! Games in Barrie, Ontario very, very early this morning (just after the stroke of midnight actually), to chat with players, collect some cards and crack some packs.  Here's the video . . . * 130 Bell Farm Rd. Barrie * 705.721.4263
Pulls : 

PACK 1 : Bruna, Light of Alabaster (foil Into the Void) 

PACK 2 : Wolfir Silverheart 

PACK 3 : Conjurer's Closet (foil Moonlight Geist) 

PACK 4 : Cathar's Crusade / PACK 5 : Dread Slaver
Don't forget to get to an Avacyn Launch Friday Night Magic event tonight.  We'll be headed out to OMG! Games again this Friday to hopefully score a lovely looking foil Restoration Angel.


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