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Conflux MiniSite

Yeah ! ! Conflux Mini-site is finally up at Wizards. Which means my spoiler job is just about to come to an end and I start posting biased uniformed opinions and witless banter about this set's new cards and its possible / potential interaction.

Make sure you check out the Mini-Site from occasionally to get updates to the Flavour section, and any new Puzzles (which you can download to use as nifty/kewl desktop wallpaper). The set's production information page is expected to be static but still worth checking out to drool over what you are going to get in your Fat-Pack.

And of course, the reason for the season . . . Conflux Visual Spoilers ! I would suggest that you make time to check this out on a daily basis to get the latest card goodness. Below we have random cards I grabbed from the visual spoilers section. Dragonsoul Knight, Martial Coup and a host of others are waiting for your sage review now over at WoTC.

WoTC also has details posted for Pre-Release Torunaments. My local gaming store will be running an event on both Saturday 31st January AND Sunday 1st February. Here in Ontario, we have a regional event held in Toronto (about 1 to 1.5 hours away) which is expected to be well attended. The event is being hosted by Marvin over at SkyFox games and will be held at Best Western Primrose Hotel on
Saturday 31st.

>> I just remembered about last year being at the Primrose Hotel for a Chess Tournament. A bunch of us were hanging around in the lobby after when the Hotel Manager came out of his office and asked us to leave. We told him that we were part of the Chess Tournament but he said that he hated "Chess-Nuts boasting in an open foyer".

(sorry) . . . see ya latter.

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