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MTG Conflux Art

Have you seen the card-art for Progenitus. h.o.l.y.c.r.@.p ! I just want to say - w0w ! -This is beautiful . . . I am in awe of it. The card art over the last year or so has really improved and Progenitus appears to me as the pinacle of this trend. Shards of Alara card art was great and Conflux promises the same if not better. I also have to say a huge thank-you to the artist Jaime Jones who was commissioned to execute this piece of art.

Anyway - back on track - Let's yatter about Progenitus.

If you do not counter this when it hits the table, your chances of surviving the next several game turns are slim-to-none and Slim just left town (cuz Progenitus scares him too). If this does hit the table, you better hope to have a removal card which does not target Progenitus. If you want to make your opponent cry out in the parking lot at your gaming store, just cast a Cruel Edict when there is no other legal target for your oppoent to select.

The flavour text on Progenitus just sends shivers down my spine . . . 'The Soul of the World has returned'. Something else that would send shivers down my spine - - a player having the ability to effectively and consistently pay Progenitus' crazy MTG Double-Rainbow casting cost.

Lets talk also a moment about "Protection from everything". This means the following:
* Progenitus can't be blocked.
* Progenitus can't be enchanted or equipped.
* Progenitus can't be the target of spells or abilities.
* All damage that would be dealt to Progenitus is prevented.
* Progenitus CAN kick Chuck Norris' butt.
* Progenitus can't get traveler's diarrhea.

When, that took weird turn . . . anywho - back to the new Conflux spoilers.

Master Transmuter . . . This was that shy goth chick in high-school that you were always too nervous to ask out and now you bump into her at a tail-gate party outside the super-duper-dome and she's got etherium all over her . . . she is now officially out of your league.

This card promises to see a lot of play - espcially with huge multi-coloured fatties running willy-nilly all around Alara.

Here is the skinny from WoTC : Returning an artifact you control to its owner's hand is part of the cost of Master Transmuter's activated ability. Paying a cost can't be responded to (with Naturalize, for example). Since Master Transmuter is an artifact, you may return Master Transmuter itself to your hand. If you do, the rest of the ability will still work normally. The artifact card you put into play when the ability resolves may be the same card that you returned to your hand when you paid the cost. If so, it returns to play as a new object with no relation to its previous existence.

Stay tuned for more witless Conflux banter . . . !

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