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Agents of Artifice Preview

Today on Magic Arcana, we were provided a rare treat to a preview chapter of the Agents of Artifice book to be released on 27th January. This first chapter offered some descriptive scenes involving "pasting a dinner collage" on a road to a bar-fight which sees Liliana Vess kicking some butt.


We also have two bogies on Conflux spoiler radar. These, just like any other spoilers, are not set in stone and subject to change as the official WoTC Conflux spoilers get underway in another two weeks or so.

Countersquall, UB
Instant (Common)
Counter target non-creature spell. That spell's controller loses 2 life.

Umm . . . w0w ! This appears to be a really decent card and will most likely see inclusion in my 'GhastLord' deck.

Volcanic Fallout, 1RR
Instant (Uncommon)
Volcanic Fallout can't be countered.
Volcanic Fallout deals 2 damage to all creatures and players.

Now this card is just about as 'red' as any Timmy could hope for. It can clear the entire field of most tokens and chump blockers as well as dinging your opponent for 2 damage as well . . . The hideous drawback is that you are going to have to share the pain.

Stay tuned for more MTG goodness.

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