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Conflux Spoiler 22

A well known member of the Greek Alliance provided these two lovely Conflux spoilers today . . . May I introduce you to Inkwell Leviathan and Soul's Majesty

Inkwell Leviathan 7UU
Artifact Creature - Leviathan (Rare)
Islandwalk, trample, shroud

w0w - This may be one of the best Leviathans I have seen. Right off the bat, you will be thinking of making this critter a bit more afordable with the likes of Etherium Sculptor. Some of the more devious of you may be thinking of a variety of vectors to get this creature to take a dirt nap in the graveyard only to bring it back into play with the likes of Sharuum the Hegemon. The most obvious choice is pair this up with Aquitect's Will to starte a brutal Islandwalk beatdown. However you choose to play this, I am certain it will be a fun game.

Soul's Majesty 4G
Draw cards equal to the power of target creature you control.

I was wondering when Part 4 was going to come out . . .
I am certain your devious minds are working on this one as well and not even bothering to pay attention to my witless banter here. Anywho, the point here is that green does not see very much card draw in this game, so be sure to go to town on this one. In order to maximize the effeciency here, lets try to give a critter a big boost to get the most number of cards into our hand which of course will help win the game. I'm immediately thinking using the second ability from Elspeth, Knight-Errant (an extra 3 cards), Resounding Roar / Sangrite Surge (an extra 3 cards) or at least a Naya Battlemage (an extra 2 cards). Anyway - I am sure you will find a way to make this work in your deck.

Also - for something completely different . . .

Be sure to check out The Seeker's Fall, Part 1 over at WoTC. I'm thinking of making a funny collage and calling it the Seeker's Fail, but that will just get the WoTC goons angry with me. Anyway - back on track - did anyone else notice just how rude and ill-behaved Mr. Tezzeret is ? Just see what he did to the 'Head' Master at the Academy.

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Nicholas Davis said...

Inkwell may very well become a part of my Deathrender Esper deck. ;-)