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Conflux Spoiler 14

w0w (!) . . . we have quite a post for you today. The following wondrous things are promised to be paraded before your hungry eyes before post's end. We have a handfull of Conflux image spoilers, two new Conflux text spoilers, and will take a peek at what the Conflux Orb of Insight looks like.

Put on your seat-belts and let's go . .

First off . . . Some Conflux images from Magic Tutor to go over. We have previously seen Giltspire Avenger as well as Maelstrom Archangel but it is rather pleasant to have larger images now.

Mr. Bant Avenger appears to have taken out a Veldalkin who may have strayed to from from Esper. Someone call for a Metallurgeon ! !

Little Ms. Maelstrom does not look very pleased. She has a helm and a sword at hand. There may be something to read into the floating rocks but I am just a bit short of caffeine at the moment.

The 3 remaining images are yet unidentified but from what we can assume, we have a human, possibly from Valeron on Bant, a Gargantuan and finally Sarkhan casting a spell (card name = 'Banefire' - thanks PropheT_XXL).


Lets have a look at our two next text spoilers.

Faerie Mechanist, 3U
Artifact Faerie Artificer
When Faerie Mechanist CIP, look at the top 3 cards of your library, reveal an artifact card amongst them and put it in your hand, the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

I just love the synergy here when played with the other new Conflux card 'Esperzoa' which returns an artifact to your hand at the beginning of your turn. This will help thin your deck and bring the cream of the crop to the top and onto the board.

Bone Saw
Artifact- Equipment, Common
Equip - Equipped creature gets +1/+0.

Nothing of plane-shattering importance here with Bone Saw, please move along.


Finally, we have the Conflux Orb of Insight hosted at WoTC.

I have yet to take the Orb for a spin yet (perhaps tomorrow), but it should be somewhat interesting as the Conflux card names in its entirety had been spoiled for some time.


Anonymous said...

the "fiery" pic is not kresh, its sarkhan.. and the cards name is banefire (it was on the left bottom of the "guess the artworks cardname"-game during the pros.

Anonymous said...

3 "Planeswalker"s