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Conflux Spoiler 13

Here we go again with SIX more Shards of Alara Conflux spoilers. Remember MTG fans, these are not final until the fat Wizard sings.

Dragonsoul Knight, 2R
Creature - Human Knight, Rare
First strike
WUBRG : Dragonsoul Knight becomes a 7/5 Dragon creature and gains Flying and Trample until end of turn.

Paleoloth, 4GG
Creature - Beast, Rare
Vigilance, trample
Whenever Paleoloth blocks a creature, Paleoloth deals damage equal to its power to target opponent.

Kaleidostone, 2
Artifact (rarity unknown at press time)
When Kaleidostone comes into play, draw a card.
5, Tap : sacrifice Kaleidostone: Add WUBRG to your mana pool.

Sylvan Bounty, 5G
Instant, Common
Target player gains 8 life.
Basic landcycling 1{G}

Gleam of Resistance, 4W
Instant, Common
Creatures you control get +1/+2 until end of turn. Untap those creatures.
Basic landcycling 1{W}

Traumatic Visions, 3UU
Instant, Common
Counter Target Spell
Basic landcycling 1{U}

Also - for something completely different . . . MTG Booster Draft

This is a popular game format for Magic: The Gathering is booster draft. In a booster draft, four to eight players are provided three booster packs. Each player opens a pack, selects a card from it, and passes the remaining cards to the next player. Each player then selects one of the remaining cards from the pack he or she just received, and passes the remaining cards again. This continues until all of the cards have been drafted. The directions of passing is left for the first and third packs, and right for the second. Players then build decks out of any of the cards that they selected during the drafting.

Typically, at the end of the game, the players keep the deck they just drafted. It may be possible that a player drafts only the most sought-after cards without little attention to the objective of winning the game. As booster draft may be somewhat expensive format to some players, booster draft simulators played on-line have become even more popular than the physical real-life game played at the local gaming store.

Wizards of the Coast has provided an excellent booster draft simulator (link HERE) but unfortunately, one may only draft Tenth core edition booster packs.

On Le Bestiaire MTG booster draft, one may select any combination of booster packs from any expansion set to open.

Based on over 500,000 booster packs virtually opened, we are able to get a fairly good idea as to top draft picks of any set yet issued to date. As an example, here is the skinny on the top Shards of Alara picks.

Stay tuned for more MTG goodness.

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R said... has got a draft simulator that is much fun compared to beastire. you can draft together with one or more of your online friends and have bots fill the other empty slots!

the only disadvantage is, the bots aren't exactly the smartest in their picks for drafts compared to beastire.