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Conflux Visual Spoiler

Well, it is the much anticipated day of the Conflux pre-release and I am not sure whether I will be able to get out to go today (Saturday) or tomorrow (Sunday). After a long night of online poker, I needed to get my dose of new card goodness, so I loaded up images of the Conflux visual spoiler - more for my reference than anything else and to be able to return to these when I hope to get my set review (by colour) done sometime in the next week or two.

Click to enlarge






GOLD (multi-colour) 1

GOLD (multi-colour) 2


For those of you heading out to the event, have a blast and kick some butt - best of luck to you for opening up a Nicol Bolas.


Anonymous said...

Why do blue & black get less cards?

Anonymous said...

Hell, I went to a prerelease event today with two friends, 3 Shards and 3 Conflux packs each.

Guess who get's Nicol Bolas? BOTH of them!! Totally sucks for me

CopySix said...

Dang ! That is a piece of rotten luck there buddy ! Here's hoping you pull a Nicol latter.

Also - for other buddy - blue and black did get less (and this changes from set to set) but I should think that it may have been made up for in the gold (multi-colour) cards.

Nicholas Davis said...

I have never seen so many five-color decks being played ever. Quite amazing. Very fun night overall in the Midwest. Big fan of Child of Alara and Dragonsoul Knight!