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What I'm Playing 4

We are putting Conflux spoilers on the back-burner this post and giving you another post of 'What I'm Playing'. More specifically, this should be called 'What I'm Play-Testing', as this casual MTG deck will not be seeing an FNM until I get it cleaned up a bit more. I am also very interested in hearing your advice on how to tune this up, so please leave a comment.

So, without further ado, may I present the 'Knight*Life' deck.

This mono-white deck contains 66 cards (24 plains, and 42 spells), and has a balance of aggro and control.

First up : I really wanted to develop something around Cradle of Vitality which generates +1 counters whenever the player gains life. To this end, I had included Battlegrace Angel, Kitchen Finks, Knight of Meadowgrain and Goldenglow Moth. In case I needed to force life-gain, I also included Soul's Grace. Personally, I rather like the interaction between Cradle of Vitality and Finks or the Moth.

Secondly : For control, I have included Oblivion Ring, Prison Term (a favourite of mine), and Mass Calcify for late-game removal. Knight-Captain of Eos also affords damage prevention when you sac a soldier. The versatile Elspeth is able to provide these soldier tokens or allow another critter to go aggro and take to the air.

Thirdly : On offence, we have Kinsbaile Cavalier providing double strike to a quartet of Knights (Knight-Captain of Eos, Knight of Meadowgrain and Sigiled Paladin). Altough said quartet are all 2/2, they do pack a punch with either exalter, first strike or double-strike. As mentioned earlier, Elspeth may turn any of these into a flying 5/5 missle.

Anywho, that's it for another edition of 'What I'm Playing'. Remember, drop me a line or provide a comment if you have a suggestion to improve upon this. I've limited this deck to standard play and although there are some amazing additions from Tenth edition for inclusion, I think I will hold off until July, 2009.

Stay tuned for more MTG goodness 'n' spoilers.


Anonymous said...


cool idea, that sounds like you have some work before you... have you considered testing light from within? I dont know how good it really is, but then again you play 4 knights of meadowgrain and 4 sigiled paladin I see, and that could work nicely with the enchantment.

You could also throw in some wilt-leaf cavaliers (if you dont already play them). 3/4 vigilance is really cool with elspeth, since they can fly over for nifty damage and still block enemies. and they get an additional +3+3 from the enchantment. Also, I dont have to say that they are gorgeous with kinsbaile cavalier.

if you go for the light, I would also recommend knight of the white orchid. the land you fetch (allmost every game) can really help you speed up so you can get your stuff into play faster.

first thing I would give out the souls grace, they wont help you until you have a really big creature, and even then its card disadvantage. you have enough cards in there that are reliable when it comes to lifegain.

just some random ideas that popped into my head... kind regards


Anonymous said...

Lunashine took the words right out of my mouth. White Orchid, Light from Within, Wilt-leaf cavalier, also, Stillmoon Cavalier would be a great addition.

Wilt-leaf liege could be sideboard against discard.

The moth/cradle combo is kind of slow unfortunately. I think it would be better to have more focus with the deck. It is something that I can't stress enough.

Something else I can't stress enough is originality. Branching out and taking risks with your deck ideas is fantastic. I know it can be hard to be original when all you do is read deck ideas on forums and get constant pressure from the decks winning at pro tours, but it is how you get a leg up on deck building over everyone else.

good luck with the knights and the life gain. it is neat.

Anonymous said...

Did I? That wasnt my intention, sorry foresthowl ^^

ah, I forget about stillmoon cavalier everytime. your right he would also fit in very nicely, hes very good standalone already.

Next thing I forgott: unmake. You can easily cut the prison term when you have SUCH solid removal. low critters wont stand a chance against your first strike horde anyway, so you can relax and throw those oblivion rings and unmakes onto big targets.

wilt-leaf-liege also beeing a knight, could even be mainboard, since your wilt-leaf cavaliers and kitchen finks get the full bonus from her. and its great vs blightning or any other nasty discard, as foresthowl already mentioned.

Hell yes, you could even throw ajani goldmane into it, so you can boost your army, giving them vigilance in addition, AND force lifegain if necessary. if you drop a creature every turn, ajani can boost all three of them, and thats quite a pressure. plus, he survives wrath and other mass removal, so hes kinda reliable.

Paladin en-vec also came to my mind. that protection is just awesome against those red tokens, dorans, firespouts and shriekmaws. together with kitchen finks and stillmoon cavalier, you got a pack of 12 guys which are a nuisance to the max.

now that may be unfitting, since not a knight, but if you are REALLY fast and your lifegain is steady, divinity of pride is an real a**kicker, and game ending power.

also not a knight, but lastly, I suggest you a sweet candidate for light from within. ever tried hearthfire hobgoblin with it? no further comment...

I'd also suggest you to have the mass calcify in your sideboard, since in those multicolored times it could easily backfire against enemy dorans, stoics... and a whole lot of other whites.

good luck with the deck