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Innistrad Fat Pack

Happy Sunday MTG peeps,

As is our tradition here at MTG Realm after every Magic the Gathering set release, we headed on out to our local game store, OMG! Games (here in Barrie, Ontario, Canada-Land) and secured a Fat Pack to dissect for you, the viewer / reader. The latest MTG set, Innistrad, looks simply amazing and promises to supply a graveyard of fun for gamers. Be sure to check out our previous post where we rip into a new Intro Pack.

Let's stop yattering and get to the video of the Innistrad Fat Pack dissection . . .

Here's our pulls from the Fat Pack :
(rares in bold - others are uncommons)

Pack 1 : Isolated Chapel, Morkrut Banshee, Geistcatcher's Rig, Curiosity, Reckless Waif

Pack 2 : Skirsdag High Priest, Wreath of Geists, Mausoleum Guard, Burning Vengeance, Cloistered Youth

Pack 3 : Ludevic's Test Subject, Evil Twin, Full Moon's Rise, Rage Thrower, Spectral Rider

Pack 4 : Creepy Doll (foil!), Curse of Stalked Prey, Invisible Stalker, Purify the Grave, Unburial Rites,

Pack 5 : Mindshrieker, Gallows Warden, Demonmail Hauberk, Midnight Haunting, Ulvenwald Mystics

Pack 6 : Runechanter's Pike, Morkut Banshkee, Rolling Temblor, Mask of Avacyn, Cloistered Youth

Pack 7 : Skirsdag High Priest, Rakish Heir, Disciple of Griselbrand, Runic Repitition

Pack 8 : Witchbane Orb, Murder of Crows, Butcher's Cleaver, Skaab Goliath

Pack 9 : Cackling Counterpart, Hollowhenge Scavenger, Scourge of Geier Reach, Rolling Temblor, Cloistered Youth

This Fat Pack was PHAT. The foil Creepy Doll art looked amazing and we were rather pleased with Isolated Chapel as well as Mindshrieker which we likely find a place in a new or existing deck.

If you are looking to start collecting cards for the new set, the Fat Pack is a great place to start. An Innistrad Fat Packs contain : 9 boosters, 1 card box, 1 player’s guide, 1 80-card land pack, 1 learn-to-play insert, 1 Spindown™ life counter, and 2 deck boxes.

Happy Gaming and stay tuned as we start generating new deck ideas using the latest Innistrad cards.

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