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Innistrad Event Decklists

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We have to catch up with some of the news that had been put on the back burner for a bit. In today's post, we provide Event decklists for Magic the Gathering's latest set, Innistrad. Unsimilar to Intro Packs, which are designed for newer players just getting into the game, Event Decks are designed to provide the player a reasonably competitive standard-constructed build which should make a good showing at a Friday Night Magic event. Event Decks kick up the power over Intro Packs by increasing the number of rares from 2 to 7.

Innistrad Event Decks are scheduled for release on October 28, 2011 and contain the following : 1 x 60-card deck, 1 x 15-card sideboard, 1 Spindown life counter, 1 strategy insert, and 1 card box.

Without further yattering, here are the decklists (please treat as rumour until the official WoTC post on the mothership) . . .

Hold the Line

Creatures (22) : 4x Accorder Paladin, 1x Champion of the Parish, 4x Doomed Traveler, 1x Elite Inquisitor, 2x Elite Vanguard, 4x Fiend Hunter, 4x Gideon's Lawkeeper, 2x Mirran Crusader

Enchantments (10) : 4x Bonds of Faith, 2x Honor of the Pure, 4x Oblivion Ring

Artifacts (4) : 2x Butcher's Cleaver, 2x Silver-Inlaid Dagger

Lands (24) : 24x Plains

Sideboard (15) : 4x Celestial Purge, 3x Nihil Spellbomb, 4x Leonin Relic-Warder, 3x Suture Priest, 1x Nevermore

Deathfed //

Creatures (21) : 2x Acidic Slime, 4x Armored Skaab, 1x Birds of Paradise, 4x Boneyard Wurm, 4x Llanowar Elves, 2x Merfolk Looter, 1x Splinterfright, 3x Viridian Emissary

Instants (5) : 4x Forbidden Alchemy, 1x Gnaw to the Bone,

Sorcerys (7) : 1x Green Sun's Zenith, 4x Mulch, 2x Spider Spawning

Artifact (3) : 2x Bonehoard, 1x Ratchet Bomb, S

Lands (24) : 13x Forest, 1x Hinterland Harbor, 7x Island, 3x Swamp

Sideboard (15) : 4x Flashfreeze, 2x Gnaw to the Bone, 2x Mind Control, 3x Naturalize, 4x Negate


The suggested retail price for these decks are about $25 which is somewhat in the range should one price out the individual cards on the singles market. These decks appear decent enough but don't really seem to deliver on the wow-factor. Having said this, we think that both these decks are a great place to start and then modify the lists to suit your tastes.

The white 'Hold the Line' deck may have to have the mana base revisited - by having almost all the spells with a converted mana cost below 3, one should be able to drop the total lands from 24 to 22 and insert some additional firepower. The deck is simple and synergistic take on a white weenie deck with a human tribal theme. The stars are Champion of the Parish and Elite Inquisitor. We like the inclusion of O-Ring for removal as well as the versatile Bonds of Faith in this build.

The blue / green Deathfed deck has some flashback cards with a black cost. The dual land is definitely need here and we suggest you may likely want to add another one (or two). The major focus of the build strategy of this deck is sending cards to the graveyard with Forbidden Alchemy / Merfolk Looter in order to provide some serious power to cards such as Bonehoard, Boneyard Wurm and Splinterfight.


The folks over at MTG Mint Card is having another great give-away contest on their FaceBook page.

This event closes on 12th October so make tracks sooner than latter.



Unknown said...

I have to admit, I'm very surprised with Innistrad's event deck. The rares are actually decent enough. BoP is probably one of the cards that was never been reprinted on preconstructed decks. Getting 2 Honor of the Pures and 2 Mirran Crusaders on the same deck is pretty neat too.

Bravo Wizards, with these event decks, it'll be easier for the masses to make decks. A better entry point than any intro or preconstructed deck ever made IMO

Anonymous said...

easy acquire rares for hold the line. just need elite inquisitor and champion of the parish. so do the other one, just green sun's zenith and hinterland harbor. I don't think these event deck make $25. Better looking for singles sales. meeh.

VergilDante100 said...

Surprisingly enough it's pretty easy to acquire 2 of the Hold the Line and build around it, since you'll be getting 4x of pretty much all the important stuff except Champion of the Parish easier then having to go buy all the cards seperately me thinks.