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Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Today we want to turn our attention to you, the MTG Realm reader and ask what epic standard constructed plays have you seen with the newest Magic the Gathering set, Innistrad. Whether it was a player put on a near impossible clock, a cruel play or a swift turn two win, we want to hear. Use the comment thingy below to send in your stories to share - we want to hear all of them - the Phyrexian Oblierator / Prey Upon nastiness, Unburial Rites shenanigans or crazy Snapcaster Mage plays.

To start things off, here's a quick video illustrating a possible win.

BONUS POINTS - look at the video and find at least two things incorrect with the game play showed.

Here's a quick break down of what should have happened . . .

Opponent : Forest, go

You : draw, Plains, Memnite, Signal Pest, Mox Opal, Glint Hawk (returning Mox Opal), replay Mox Opal, Glint Hawk (returning Mox Opal), replay Mox Opal, Glint Hawk (returning Mox Opal), replay Mox Opal, go

Opponent : draw, cr@p! - another forest, go

You : Plains, Rally the Peasants, attack for 21 damage.

Opponent : scoops, walks away.

Have a greate weekend - Get out tonight and take in a Friday Night Magic event at your local store !

Some news from our friends over at MTG Mint Card. Here is the list of the Top Ten Selling Innistrad Singles to date for the month of October.

1. Stromkirk Noble
2. Moorland Haunt
3. Liliana of the Veil
4. Hinterland Harbor
5. Champion of the Parish
6. Isolated Chapel
7. Clifftop Retreat
8. Army of the Damned
9. Grimoire of the Dead
10. Nevermore


Tezrael said...

problem number 1: the player with the white deck did not bounce an artifact when he played his third glint hawk.

problem 2: the player with the white deck has 9 cards on the table at the end of the video(didn't even draw during his second turn) which is not possible. should only have 8(7 from opening hand, and 1 from drawing for his second turn)

Problem 3:Pod player rage quit(lol)

buh-roken said...

Using my friend's mono red deck against another mono red deck I lost the die roll and was on the draw.

Him: Mountain, cast Memnite and passed.

Me: Draw and play Mountain, pass turn.

Him: Mountain, attack for 1, cast second Memnite, passed.

Me: Draw, play Mountain, cast Memnite. Cast Infernal Plunge sacing Memnite, cast Geosurge, then cast Inferno Titan!

Him: Scooped before titan resolved.

Anonymous said...

First Problem: Pod deck was not fully shuffled, he shuffled the first few cards and placed on top.

Second Problem: Third glint hawk was not resolved properly.