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Innistrad Top Commons / Uncommons

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

As is our custom with each new Magic the Gathering set, we had secured an assorted card lot pre-order from the folks at MTG Mint Card. Specifically, we got ourselves an Uncommon and Common set (a deck set of four cards) for each of the 107 commons and 67 uncommons in Innistrad.

The order came very fast - on Friday, these cards were bathed in the warm humid air blowing off Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong to shoot across the ocean to Anchorage, Alaska then to Louisville Kentucky and then to our place in Barrie Ontario in about 72 hours. Given this rapid devliery time, we still have had time to not only see these cards in action during the Innistrad PreRelease but also the first Friday Night Magic event. Based on our observations, we have selected 3 commons from each colour and one uncommon from each colour which have impressed us most in both sealed deck and constructed applications. Let's take a look at the brief video to summarise . . .


Here's the list of the ucommon cards we like in each colour:

White : Doomed Traveller, Spare from Evil, Village Bell Ringer

Blue : Deranged Assistant, Think Twice, Think Twice

Black : Altar's Reap, Ghoulcaller's Chant, Typhoid Rats

Red : Ancient Grudge, Brimstone Volley, Infernal Plunge

Green : Ambush Viper, Avacyn's Pilgrim, Ranger's Guile

Artifact : Blazing Torch (we chose just one)

Here we have a list of one fav uncommon from each colour . . .

Fiend Hunter, Invisible Stalker, Diregrraf Ghoul, Reckless Waif, Bramblecursh, (A) Silver-inlaid Dagger, (L) Ghost Quarter

It's your turn now -

Which common or uncommon worked great for you during a draft / sealed deck / FNM event ? Which card impressed you the most or which you may have under-rated ?


Brian said...

What, no Rakish heir? That thing is a lifesaver in a Vampire Deck!

Unknown said...

I would have to agree with the previous post. Rakish Heir is pretty awesome when it comes to vampires. But other than that, Fiend Hunter would be my pick as favorite uncommon.