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Innistrad Arts

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

There is no doubt in our minds that Wizards of the Coast excels at providing the best card art. To us, Each Magic the Gathering set, including the lastest set, Innistrad, is like taking a trip to a fine art gallery. We suggest, if you have not yet, check out some previous articles on the mothership like 'Creating the Art of Innistrad', and 'Innistrad Art Gallery'. We've provided some images here of outstanding Innistrad card art - look up the artist on the Gatherer website and check out some of their other pieces of art.

Click to embiggen . . .

Feeling of Dread ~
Angelic Overseer ~
Angel of Flight Alabaster ~
Chapel Geist ~
Voiceless Spirit ~
Stitcher's Apprentice ~
Silent Departure ~
Ludevic's Abomination ~
Forbidden Alchemy ~
Derranged Assitant ~
Olivia Voldaren ~
Curse of Oblivion ~
Diregraf Ghoul ~
Moan of the Unhallowe ~
Unburial Rites ~
Bloodline Keeper ~
Vampire Interloper~
Vampiric Fury ~
Terror of Kruin Pass ~
Bloodcrazed Neonate ~
Balefire Dragon ~
Skirsdag Cultist ~
Moonmist ~
Howlpack Alpha ~
Hamlet Captain ~
Creeping Renaissance ~
Nephalia Drownyard ~
Geist of Saint Traft ~
Creepy Doll ~
Tree of Redemption ~
Our friends over at MTG Mint Card wants you to know that the latest Premium Deck Series: Graveborn is set to releases on November 18, 2011 (not very far away) and they should have singles available for pre-order from these up on the site just before the release.


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