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Daggers to Cleavers

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We here at MTG Realm are continuing along with casual Innistrad deck ideas. Earlier this week, we showed off a mono-black Zombie build and just yesterday we yattered about a green and white build called Township Tokens. Today, we want to talk about three very interesting pieces of equipment in Innistrad - specifically Silver-Inlaid Dagger, Sharpened Pitchfork, and Butcher's Cleaver.

All these equipments give a decent bonus when equipped to a human - so let's hatch a build. At first we were thinking about using our new fav hexproof unblockable human in Innistrad - Mr. Invisible Stalker and perhaps some other hexproof or unblockalbe friends. We quickly realised that this lot was not best suited for the equipment we wanted to build with - so look for another casual deck idea latter using the Stalker and Trepanation Blade.

Anywhoos- back on target now. The equipment we thought was best matched with a mono-white human build featuring some of our favourite fellas from the M12 core set and our new friends in Innistrad. We've wanted to build something with the Gideon trio (Gideon Jura PW, the Lawkeeper and the Avenger). Supporting this mad tapping goodness could be the Avacycian Priest. Others which are good to go for this party may be Elite Vanguard, Doomed Traveller and Fiend Hunter. If latter during playtesting we find the tempo too slow we are considered using Mentor of the Meek (as all of these are powered two or less) for additional card draw.

In a supporting role is the amazingly versatile aura enchantment, Bonds of Faith which can shut down an opponent's threat or give one of your dudes a boost. One of our favourite new double-faced transform in common rarity is Thraben Sentry (another potential draw for the Mentor) which can easily transform into a 5/4 trample beast.

If were to splash green we would provide some consideration for Avacyn's Pilgrim and Hamlet Captain. There are a LOT of really decent cards to choose from but the exercise today was to find the best home possible for the equipment. Pass along some of your ideas below in the comment thingy.

Some news from our friends over at MTG Mint Card. Here is the list of the Top Ten Selling Innistrad Singles to date for the month of October.

1. Stromkirk Noble
2. Moorland Haunt
3. Liliana of the Veil
4. Hinterland Harbor
5. Champion of the Parish
6. Isolated Chapel
7. Clifftop Retreat
8. Army of the Damned
9. Grimoire of the Dead
10. Nevermore

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