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Innistrad Combos

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

It being Friday, we suggest you get out to your local gamestore and take in a Friday Night Magic event. We will be heading out to OMG! Games here in Barrie and test some of our new builds (we're still not sure whether we should play Township Tokens or that Zombie build). If we are going with the zombie build we'll be needing a bag of jerky to nibble on - to that end, we will bring along a bag of awesome Biltong from Bokkie's Bilton, the new south-african butcher store here in town.

Today we would like to yatter about some interesting combos, synergies or simple play strategies one can employ with the latest Magic the Gathering cards from Innistrad. We are certain that most of our learned MTG Realm readers have already seen these, or even played these. We hope to get to a few other posts listing some of the more interesting combos and synergies for standard over the next few weeks.

If you have an interesting combo, share your brilliance in the comment thingy below . .

Curse of Stalked Prey, just like Curiosity is good - especially on cards such as Invisible Stalker, Blighted Agent, Tormented Soul, Trespeassing Souleater, etc. Even intimidate may assist you dumping additional +1/+1 counters on your sneaky creature.

Speaking of counters, Ludevic's Test Subject collects five or more 'hatchling' counters to take this 0/3 defender to an awesome 13/13 trample beast. The problem of course is having to pay two for every hatchling counter - that's for chumps - we suggest that proliferate is your friend here. Try Contagion Clasp, Thrummingbird or Tezz Gambit for extra card draw.

There are countless things one can do with Heartless Summoning which knocks off two mana from your creature cast cost. One of our favs is using Heartless to play Myr Superion for FREE. IN this strategy below, we want to have Glissa on the Battlefield along with Heartless Summoning. One then plays Perlious Myr (for free). Things get rather good now - the Myr gets knocked down do to the -1/-1 Heartless line, thrown in the yard and it deals two damage to target creature OR player. Glissa brings the myr back into your hand where you can now play again rinse 'n' repeat until you win the game.

Here's one for the gobby fans using the new Innistrad card, Brimstone Volley which will burn target creature / player for 5 on the morbid clause. Let's set it up. Ichor Wellspring, card draw, Kuldotha Rebirth sac the wellspring to draw again. You now have 3 goblin tokens and two extra cards. Sac a token for Goblin Grenade to deal 5 damage, then play Brimstone to get in another 5 for morbid.

We'll be here tonight for FNM at OMG Games kicking butt and taking names (or getting our butt kicked as is usually the case).



Edward "Fragbait" Orndorff said...

Parallel Lives, Army of the Damned.
26 Zombies for next to no mana.
Drop in Levitation from M12 for instant gamewin.

Nuss said...


Isn't there a mistake with the Glissa-Myr-Heartless Summoning Combo? I think, if you slap perilous myr into your opponents face, you won't get it back, due to no opponent creature dying.

Congratulation to your site!

Anonymous said...

You're right the myr/heartless/glissa combo does not work.

CopySix said...

It does work -

Anonymous said...

Yea, this combo does work, but it is usefull only for milling creatures X/2, not player