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Graveborn Spoiler 1

Happy Tuesday evening MTG peeps,

Yes, we know . . . another daily post today on MTG Realm but we could not wait until tomorrow to provide you with this update. You may recall our post waaay back in July regarding the upcoming Magic the Gathering Premier Deck Series, Graveborn - well we have a spoiler for you now.

Although the upcoming "Premium Deck Series Graveborn" is not due to be released until November 18th, 2011, a French distributor (Cartes MTG France) has seen fit to not only post the regular pre-order details but also the product image which is sure to have MTG spoiler nutters speculating on the decklist. Let's have a look -

Rather clear to see are the following cards . . .
We have to say that we totally called on all of these cards (with the exception of Crosis) way back in July - see our predictions near the bottom.

Avatar of Woe, Entomb, Animate Dead (new art?), Buried Alive, and Crosis, the Purger. If your flavour of Magic is legacy, you will certainly want to pick one up fast before they are all gone.

Like the previous Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning, the new 'Premium Deck Series: Graveborn' will be an entirely foil deck with eight rares and an MSRP of $34.99. It will include an exclusive spindown life counter, foil deck box, strategy insert, and "learn to play" guide. Premium Deck Series: Graveborn will go on sale November 18, 2011 for an MSRP of $34.99.

As always, MTG Mint card will have singles available for this product so keep an eye (or three) on their site when it goes up for pre-order.

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