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Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

If your local gaming store where you sling your Magic the Gathering cards every week is part of the Wizards Play Network (WPN), they will likely be getting a very cool Friday Night Magic WPN kit this week. Just in time for Halloween, the kit has a theme appropos to the season and relative to the newest MTG classic-horror themed set, Innistrad. We suggest that all Giests, Vampires and Werewolves hit up their local store for FNM this Friday 28th October for a chance to score some treats, that is unless you have an aversion to milk, chocolate, sugar, corn starch, corn syrup, guma acacia, colour, dextrin and carnauba wax.

Your participating store owner will likely see the following in their special Innistrad 'Trick or Treat' WPN kit :
  • One “3D” poster
  • One door-sized cling
  • Twenty packs of custom Magic-themed M&Ms® chocolate candies
  • Twenty constructible deck boxes
  • Seventy-five Friday Night Magic shopping bags
Kudos to Associate Brand Manager Adam Colby and the rest of the WoTC staffers who hatched this great idea.

What's unfortunate however, is that we now have images of the Innistrad M&Ms which we could have used in our parody video . . .

Ask your Cleric if Avacyn is right for you.

Speaking of funny videos, and as Halloween is around the corner, check out the latest video from the New York based comedy troupe, POYKPAC. The video, “The Walken Dead”, the story of a zombie virus that makes causes people to quote Christopher Walken is a great parody of the AMC TV series 'The Walking Dead'.

The Walking Dead is still not as acarry as portly spiderman . . .


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