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Carnival of Awesome

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

As promised in yesterday's post about the new Planeswalker Dack Fayden, we were going to do a few show 'n' tell posts featuring the newest Magic the Gathering products from the Innistrad set. Look for a Fat Pack post and video latter but for now, let's check out an Innistrad Intro Pack.

We crack open an the
/ 'Carnival of Blood' preconstructed deck featuring Vampires. This vamp tribal theme deck is good - let's have a look at the video first . . .

Carnival of Blood /
Foil Rare : Falkenrath Marauders

24 land : 12 Mountain, 12 Swamp

21 creatures : 3 Bloodcrazed Neonate, 2 Blood Seeker, 1 Child of Night, 2 Vampire Interloper, 2 Rakish Heir, 2 Markov Patrician, 2 Crossway Vampire, 2 Falkenrath Noble, 1 Night Revelers, 2 Stromkirk Patrol, 1 Falkenrath Marauders (R), 1 Sengir Vampire

15 other spells : 1 Traveler's Amulet, 1 Gruesome Deformity, 1 Cobbled Wings, 2 Mask of Avacyn, 1 Curse of Stalked Prey (R), 2 Vampiric Fury, 1 Night Terrors, 2 Tribute to Hunger, 1 Traitorous Blood, 1 Tectonic Rift, 1 Diabolic Tutor, 1 Fireball

This is a creature heavy deck that should kick outta the starting gate quickly enough with some 14 creatures below 3 mana and some 7 decent finishers above 4+ mana. There are several nice spells to throw as well but we should warn you that you likely will only drop a land on the first turn and have to wait until the magic happens on turn two. We suggest that when you pick this up at your local gaming store, think about picking up some additional spot removal spells as well.

We have not yet played but hope to latter this weekend at OMG! Games, our local card watering hole after which we may have some additional suggestions. Intro Packs are a great way to get your head into the latest Magic the Gathering expansion and take this standard constructed format deck out for a spin at a Friday Night Magic event at a game / hobby store near you.

Lastly, you may wish to modify one or more of the Innistrad Intro Decks above - we suggest getting your Innistrad singles from the folks over at MTG Mint Card.

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