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Innistrad Intro Packs and Event Decks

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Here with our second post for today, we wanted to share with you an early sneak peek at the upcoming Innistrad Intro Packs and Event Decks. Innistrad Intro Packs go on sale concurrently with the official launch on 30th September, while Innistrad Event Decks are available in time for Innistrad Game Day on 28th October, 2011.

Previously, we had shared an image of Innistrad Intro Decks with those who follow us on Twitter.

Today, we share another image with somewhat improved resolution . . .

Updated 9/15/2011 with info from today's Magic Arcana . . .
Update - 9/22/2011 - full Intro Pack decklists now up!

/ - 'Spectral Legions' - foil rare : Angel of Flight Alabaster
/ - 'Eldritch Onslaught' - foil rare : Sturmgeist
/ - 'Deathly Dominion' - foil rare : Skirsdag High Priest
/ - 'Carnival of Blood' - foil rare : Falkenrath Marauders
/ - 'Repel the Dark' - foil rare : Elder of Laurels

We leave it to you to speculate on the missing foil rares as well as possible themes to each of the Intro Packs. We will provide updates as they become available.

Next up, we have an early sneak peek of the Innistrad Event Decks . . .

Update : full deck lists now available HERE.

The mono-White Event deck has an image of the uncommon Fiend Hunter. We anticipate humans and spirits to fill out the rest of this pre-constructed deck.

Spoilers and previews to day have not yet provided the card image used for the Blue / Black / Green deck but we think it safe to assume that given Fiend Hunter on the one side, one could expect to see Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies in this deck.

Intro Packs and Event Decks, in our opinion have been getting better and better. Coupled with amazing flavour in this classic horror - themed set, we are planning to pick up both event decks as well as one or two of the Intro Packs. We also appreciate that this may have been timed appropriately for full release just in time for Halloween. We suggest you yatter to your local game store and reserve product for your October 31st party this year.



Anonymous said...

No Werewolves!!
WAAAH!!! I'll never forgive you WIZARDS!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job on the Event Deck images, I am so excited by the wedge colour combination!

As for what they may contain, I don't think it is necessarily based on tribe/creature type strategy. Remember, Event Decks showcase the current standard meta rather than the flavour of the current set/meta, which is why we saw Vampire Onslaught include so many cards that would be out of rotation despite being released in M12. And althought Innistrad cards will defintiely be part of it (yippee), we can't forget about Scars block either.

Anonymous said...

There are werewolves

spaceboyzero said...

Forbidden alchemy is the picture on the other event deck.

Unknown said...

Really excited over the White event deck.