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Innistrad Hot Sellers

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

The folks over at MTG Mint Card shared with us the Top Ten Selling Innistrad Singles prior to the official pre-release which goes down tomorrow. We're interested in this sort of list as it provides an indication as to what Magic the Gathering fans are contemplating for standard.

Interesting list - especially the last card - no-one expects an Elite Inquisition ! Anywhoos, Happy brewing - please expect another post or two over the weekend as we report back on our Innistrad prerelease events we plan to attend at OMG! Games in Barrie, Ontario.

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Unknown said...

While Snapcaster Mage is a no-brainer, since it's so good for vintage, legacy AND standard, some of the others cards are meh at best. Bloodgift demon is overrated. The thing that makes Phyrexian Arena so good is its low cc, and the fact that it's an enhancement. Bloodgift's 5 cc & 3 toughness guarantees that it'll come to the board too late to give you the advantage you need.

Graveborn muse was a bit better since you'll get her on turn 4 and start getting the cards at turn 5. Even though she also had that 3 toughness, coming down a turn earlier and giving you more cards (albeit losing more life) means more zombies on the board and a faster way for you to win the game.