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Innistrad Deck Ideas 1

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Now that we have had a proper look at the newest Magic the Gathering set, Innistrad, it's time to put on your skull clamp and get down to brewing. This and following posts with similar titles are certainly not meant to provide a full list from which to build and modify but rather some ideas from which we would hope to provide you with a nexus from which to create your own casual build and rock your game table.

Today's post is all about new Innistrad hexproof unblockable, Mr. Invisible Stalker, which we think will be a much seen card not only at the kitchen table but at your Friday Night Magic event. Getting a Curiosity on this fella, seems like a no-brainer (sorry Zombies) to get an early game kicked into high gear. Being able to provide the Invisible man with two such curiosities will only double your card draw.

To extrapolate this idea further, we need not look beyond recent successful Caw-Blade variants which just required a Swords package and a creature with evasion. We can imagine many an epic game win with Invisible Stalker with a Sword of War and Peace / Feast and Famine - or perhaps one of the several new artifact equipments now available in Innistrad such as Inquisitor's Flail, or Trepanation Blade. If we look for potential bonuses with equipment favouring the human subtype, which Mr. Inviso is, we may also consider Butcher's Cleaver or Silver-Inlaid Dagger.

To exercise full care and control over this little menance, we should also allow some space in our build for counters such as Mana Leak, Turn Aside, and / or Stoic Rebuttal. A parachute (another safety) may be Apostle's Blessing to protect our little blue buddy. To assist floating the cards correctly, we could try Gitaxian Probe or Ponder to help dig a bit.

anywhoos - we have a few cards for you to contemplate. Alternatively, you may wish a blue-white build, use a Mentor of the Meek for card draw, a Snapcaster Mage for some spell recursion, a Mirran Crusader for some aggro - whatever - you get the idea.

Drop us a line below in the comment thingy - how would you go about with an 'Invisi-Blade or Stealth-Blade build ?

Lastly, you may wish to modify one or more of the Innistrad Intro Decks above - we suggest getting your Innistrad singles from the folks over at MTG Mint Card.


Anonymous said...

no immages yet of the promo cards of innistrad? tnx christopher from belgium

Austin Kimberley said...

I'm thinking about combining him with puresteel. Not sure if this is better than a more controlling build though..

Hybrid said...

I'm imagining a U/R aggro build with him, Phantasmal Image, and Curse of Stalked Prey, with other goodies... :D