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Happy Friday MTG peeps,

This is an unusual second post for today. If you were looking for Innistrad spoilers and previews, check out our earlier post today featuring the new Garruk Relentless / Garruk, the Viel-Cursed.

Onto the news . . .

We're unsure if we posted or tweeted about the planned Magic the Gathering comic book series earlier. If not, here is an image from the San Diego Comic-Con Programme / Souvenir book . . .

Wizards of the Coast and IDW Publishing had initially announced the fall launch of the first new Magic the Gathering comic in this advertisement.

Most recently, we have further news from several different comic book trade companies which included an image for the cover as well as additional details of the deal between IDW and Hasbro / Wizards of the Coast . . .

The initial 4-issue Magic the Gathering miniseries, which will be written by author and game designer / player / novelist Matt Forbeck (The Lord of the Rings RPG, The Marvel Encyclopedia) while
Martin Coccolo and Aleski Briclot will be providing art for this installment of the comic book miniseries.

The initial publications will focus on a "unique new Planeswalker, a powerful mage with the ability to move between the worlds of the Magic Multiverse". (- wow - not giving away too much here are we ?)

The comic will come with exclusive, playable, alternate-art cards for the Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game, which will only be available in select issues of the IDW Magic: The Gathering comic book.

Anywhoos - let's soak up this beautiful art adorning the cover . . .

Yep - we haven't even flipped through past the cover and we want to get all of these. We want to know - Would you pick these up / collect them ? Are you a fan of the recent Path of the Planeswalker graphic novel ? Or perhaps you just want to sling the cards ? Pipe in below with your comments.


Anonymous said...

is this a type of thing that we would have to subscribe to? or something that we can just buy somewhere and get the "exclusive cards" as well?

just curious, cuz I'm thinking about getting these(I've like the comics thus far)

Anonymous said...

Geh, Yes I want them so bad! And yeah, not just for the cards(though I'm going to jump on those as well) I'm just really into comics.