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Innistrad Picks

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

As you know, Magic the Gathering fans everywhere in the world will be making tracks to their local gaming stores this weekend to take part in Innistrad prerelease events. We, ourselves are planning to attend our fav store, OMG! Games in Barrie, Ontario and suggest that if you reside just north of Toronto, plan to attend one of the several events planned here all starting off just after midnight this Friday 23rd.

To prepare for the event, MTG Realm sat down with some other casual players to discuss what we should try to include in a sealed / limited pool and which new cards we would likely want to secure in a draft. With five players all with limited experience and several hours latter we hacked out a rough list of our top Innistrad picks for sealed deck and drafts.

First List - Innistrad Commons

As most of the cards in your sealed pool will be commons this may be the rarity that contributes most to your build and should be afforded a top ten list. Innistrad booster packs contain a total of 16 Cards, 1 Rare or Mythic Rare (Mythic rares are approximately 1 in every 8 rares), 3 Uncommons, 10 Commons, 1 basic land, 1 Token or Tips card. The goal here is a build with evasion and removal in mind. Let's have a look at what our small group thought . . .

1. Thraben Sentry
2. Brimstone Volley
3. Villagers of Estwald
4. Avacynian Priest
5. Rebuke
6. Tormented Pariah
7. Bloodcrazed Neonate
8. Delver of Secrets
9. Bonds of Faith
10. Curse of the Bloody Tome

Second List - Top 10 picks

This was a tough list for the group as your draft choice is tempered by quite a few competing factors. Some factors of course is passing a card you know is worth quite a bit on the singles market, and which card, given the correct build will likely deliver you a win. Here is what we finally decided on . . .

1. Unbreathing Horde
2. Snapcaster Mage
3. Mindshrieker
4. Mentor of the Meek
5. Tree of Redemption
6. Splinterfright
7. Stromkirk Noble
8. Champion of the Parish
9. Skirsdag High Priest
10. Angel of Flight Alabaster

We would like to hear back from you what your top draft picks would be or which cards (or even colour) you would want to build a sealed prerelease deck with - use the comment thingy below.

Also of note today -
Here is the very handy Innistrad card Checklist . . .
Please stay tuned for tomorrow's post as we go over the Innistrad Intro Pack decklists.

Innistrad Check Lists

Finally -

Are you fed up with Werewolves digging up your garden and cr@pping all over your front yard ?? Your first call should be to an Avacyn Inquisitor. Your second call should be to Chuck Testa for all your Innistrad taxidermy needs !


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