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Rise of the Eldrazi Art Spoilers

Good Day MTG fiends,

If you had not yet seen the epic new Rise of the Eldrazi arts spoiled in the form of very cool playmats by our buddy Trick over at ManaNation, we will be posting these here.

First off, something we forgot to mention in yesterday's first real Rise of the Eldrazi card spoiler . . . (Kozilek, Butcher of Truth)

We are loving the idea that perhaps card art may not be restricted to just the current box but be drawn down into the background of the text box. This is typically reserved for Planeswalker cards currently - perhaps Mythic Rares will now share this artistic tweak (?).


Anywhoos - back on topic - epic land arts from Rise of the Eldrazi first spoiled by ManaNation . . .

And finally, a playmat with the existing Eye of Ugin art work (from Worldwake) . . .
And we think we have one last piece of news for you - rather a rumour . . .

Our buddy JM GarcĂ­a (aka jmgh) over at Magic Madrid had posted a rather juicy rumour - - A 'reliable' source had informed him that Rise of the Eldrazi will consist entirely of colourless cards (colourless non-artifact creatures a la Kozilek, Butcher of Truth or Hydbrid cards.

We invite your comments to express your extreme joy or hatred of just such an thing . . . remember now - this is just still a rumour.


S.R. said...

Aren't hybrid cards the color(s), the hybrid mana symbols contain?

Anyways: great art, thanx for sharing with us

Unknown said...

i dont think the "full art" is for mythic rares its probably because its colourless so no colour to fill in the frame

Anonymous said...

A full-colorless set, if that truly is what happens, would certainly make choosing land at a pre-/release much easier.

Anonymous said...

man all im doing right now is running a proxy deck with our 12/12 for 10 friend and 4 eldrazi temples and i hop there will be many many more colorless creatures so im right now having to run tons of arifacts because they have not before in the history of mtg for some god forsaken reason put in a non artifact colorless creature so i also hope the eldrazi come with colorless land because i have to use cards like panoramas and to fill it i put in a halimar depths i put only color less cards so i dont have to worry about iona shild of emeria and i hate but see why they put eye of ugin in the legends ihate it because you only get -2 cost on eldrazi but if it wasnt a legend it would be broken